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Tomatoes Are Dumped In Nueva Vizcaya Due To Travel Restrictions

Farmers are forced to sell their tomatoes for P8-P12 per kilo.
For a country that’s going through a pandemic, one of the things you’d least expect to see are truckloads of fresh produce left to rot. In a post by Ifugao Highland Farmers’ Forum, mountains of tomatoes were left at the Nueva Vizcaya ...

P7 For A Kilo of Cabbage: Ifugao Farmers Are Struggling to Sell Their Crop

There's no answer as to why prices have gone so low.
Vegetables are expensive. Here in Metro Manila, buying a kilo of cabbage at the supermarket could cost you up to P106, based on the latest survey of the Philippine Statistics Authority—and don't even get us started on the luxury known as broccoli. But in ...
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