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Dinakdakan Recipe - Paano Lutuin At Mga Sangkap

Maaari ring itong magsilbing pampagana!
Gawa sa iba’t ibang parte ng pinakuluan at inihaw na baboy ang Ilokanong ulam na ito—maaari ring itong magsilbing pampagana! Walang masasayang na kahit anong parte ng baboy dahil naisasama ang di gaanong nagagamit na mga bahagi ng hayop, tulad ng ulo, ...

Igado Recipe (Tagalog Version)

Nakatikim ka na ba ng Igado mula sa Ilocos?
Kilalang putaheng nagmula sa Ilocos ang Igado na may sangkap na lomo at lamang-loob ng baboy. Niluluto ito sa pinaghalong suka at toyo na siguradong magpapalabas ng kakaibang lasa at linamanam nito. Ang mga gulay katulad ng gisantes at red bell pepper ...

WATCH: This Ilocano Veggie Dish Is Easy To Make

Poqui poqui is a flavorful dish. Have you tried it?
Poqui poqui is a traditional Ilocano vegetable dish made with roasted or grilled eggplant. It's a flavorful dish that lets the eggplant and tomatoes shine, plus it's an easy dish that comes together in minutes! If you have an electric griller, it makes this dish ...

WATCH: How to Make Dinakdakan

Have you had this Ilocano dish before?
Dinakdakan is an Ilocano dish that is made of grilled and boiled pig parts—it works as a delicious and tasty appetizer, too! It is likened to sisig since it uses pig's head, ears, and brains. You can easily find the ingredients in the market ...

WATCH: How to Make Igado

This Ilocano dish can be recreated at home!
This Ilocano dish is made with pork and liver (pig innards) and cooked in a vinegar-soy sauce mixture. It's easy enough to recreate at home but make sure the innards are cleaned properly before cooking!IgadoPrep time 15 minutesCooking time 20 minutesServes 41-2 tablespoons oil4 ...

WATCH: How to Make Pinakbet

This is an easy-to-make Filipino veggie favorite!
Pinakbet is a simple, one-pot Filipino vegetable favorite!2 tablespoons cooking oil1/2 kilo pork, cut into small pieces3 cloves garlic2 pieces ginger, thinly sliced1 large onion, sliced2 large tomatoes, quartered4 pieces eggplant2 pieces bitter melon(ampalaya), cut in half1/2 bundle string beans (sitaw), cut ...

Did You Know That Bagnet is Called "Chicharon" in Ilocos?

This deep-fried pork dish (or slab of heaven?) is one of the reasons you head up North.
Crunchy, savory, indulgent: The Ilocano bagnet is boiled and deep-fried to achieve the crispy, crunchy pork skin. It’s a cross between crispy pata and lechon kawali, both of which have crispy meat that is not too dry.In Paoay, Ilocos, Herencia’s bagnets are ...

Pinakbet Recipe

This bittermelon and okra stew is also good without pork (Ilocanos use bagnet!).
This Ilocano pork-and-veggie dish is traditionally made with bagnet, which is deep-fried pork belly (also an Ilocano  specialty). Try this pinakbet recipe without pork—this bittermelon and okra stew is also good without pork. ...

Poqui Poqui Recipe

A deceivingly simple Filipino recipe, this dish is a tasty meatless recipe one has to try.
Poqui poqui is a traditional Ilocano vegetable dish that is essentially made of roasted eggplant, tomatoes, and eggs. Though this recipe only requires basic ingredients and a simple cooking process, don't be deceived! With different flavors and textures, this dish is sure ...

Igado Recipe

Have you tried this Ilocano dish before?
Igado is a popular dish from the Ilocos region made from pork tenderloin and pig innards. It is cooked in a vinegar-soy sauce mixture that is sure to bring out unique and one-of-a-kind flavors. Vegetables such as green peas and red bell ...

Dinengdeng Recipe

Fried or grilled fish is added to a medley of veggies cooked in shrimp paste.
Dinengdeng is a Filipino veggie dish which originated from the Ilocos region. Fried or grilled fishis added to a medley of veggies cooked in  shrimp paste. ...
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