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Here's Where You Can Find Ilocos Bagnet And Fresh Ilocos Empanadas!

You don't need to go on a road trip!
When in Ilocos, one of the dishes on your buck-eat list is the bagnet. Did you know that Ilocos bagnet is often referred to as chicharon by the Ilocanos? You can definitely eat this as chicharon and dip it in spiced sukang Iloko, ...

This Vigan Empanada is Dubbed the "Original Empanada"

They have a Manila outlet, too!
A trip to Vigan is not complete without having your fill of the town’s signature empanada paired with sukang Iloco (vinegar from Ilocos). If you visit the public market or walk along Calle Crisologo and the surrounding streets, you’ll find numerous stores ...

WATCH: How to Make Ilocos Empanada

Always wanted to try making this at home?
Empanada is a popular pastry filled with either sweet or savory fillings. The Ilocos empanada is different in that longganisa is used as a filling, along with papaya and a raw egg—enveloped in a hand rolled, orange-hued rice flour dough.There are two ...

Spicy Ilocos Empanada Recipe

This famous snack gets a boost of spice and heat!
This famous snack gets a boost of spice and heat! ...
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