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This Is The Perfect Marinating Time For Juicy Chicken Inasal

It makes a difference!
Have you ever eagerly awaited a grilled chicken meal only to discover that the chicken tastes a little grainy despite it being cooked just right? Was the chicken chalky, grainy, or even mushy that it left an unpleasant feeling in your mouth instead ...

Make a Big Batch of Pork Inasal And Have Baon For The Whole Week!

You can turn it into 5 delicious dishes!
Sometimes, coming up with a baon plan can be more of a hassle than actually cooking it. With this baon meal plan, your planning and prep time is made easier. You also get to enjoy Pork Inasal every day in new exciting ways.The Main Dish: Pork ...

Pork Chop Inasal Recipe

Reward your family with a new take on everyone’s favorite Pinoy dish.
We made a new version of chicken inasal, but with pork chops! This pork chop recipe is perfect for baon or rushed weeknight dinners.  ...

Did You Know That Margarine is the Secret Ingredient to Delicious Chicken Inasal?

Add this pantry staple to your inasal for a more chicken meal.
The typical chicken inasal has a marinade that has notes of lemongrass, vinegar, and soy sauce, plus the subtle flavors of the annatto oil that it is basted with. It’s really an inherently simple recipe.But did you know that a simple addition to the recipe can ...

Pork Inasal Sisig Recipe

Looking for a fun way to use leftovers? Make this sisig recipe with pork inasal!
Filipino food is very versatile. Here's a fun sisig dish that uses last night's pork inasal. Think of new ways to re-invent leftovers so that every meal stays exciting.  ...

Pork Inasal Recipe

Love inasal? Try this recipe!
Here’s our take on inasal—it uses pork in place of the usual chicken. ...
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