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Things To Know Before Buying An Induction Stove

A new stove means new ways to cook!
If you are in the market for a new induction stove, you have many choices to choose from. Many residential buildings require the use of electric stoves, so changing from a gas stove to an electric stove such as the induction stove is going to be a ...

The Best Pans You Can Buy For Your Induction Stove

These special cookware will last a long time.
Cookware has changed over the years. With the introduction of the induction stove, special cookware needed to be developed to make it work. Not all cookware works on this modern stove.  How can you tell if the pot or pan you have will work on your induction stove? With ...

Electric To Induction Stove: What You Need To Know

Replacing your old stove? You'll need these cooking tips on your new induction stove.
Are you using a new induction stove? Did you switch from an electric or a gas stove to this modern stove? If you have, you may have noticed that you have to change the way you cook using this new stove. That's because ...

Yes, You Can Buy An Induction Stove For Only P1,100!

Its size is apartment-friendly, too!
One of the more, if not the most, apartment-friendly kitchen appliances you can own is an induction stove. Why? Because this kitchen stove runs on electricity, it is less hazardous and it doesn’t emit smoke as what gas stoves usually do. If you’re ...

This Is How Your Induction Stove Ruins Your Pots And Pans

You need to invest in good cookware. Here's why.
Do you have an inductive stove? If you do, you know that you need special cookware for your special stove to work. How? You need pots and pans that have a magnetic bottom surface. The induction stove works with magnetism and it's the only way ...

Everything You Need To Know About Using An Induction Stove

This special stove needs special treatment.
Are you in the market for a new stove? Do you have a choice between an induction and a typical stove? The choice doesn't have to be too hard if you know the pros and cons of the induction stove. Many buildings are enforcing ...

Here's How To Find The Right Kitchen Tools Before The Year Ends

Shopping for appliances is really about making the right decisions.
Every year, people shopping for appliances are looking for new buys with at least these two reasons: their appliance broke down and they need to replace it or they finally made the decision to get their dream appliance.If you’re either of these types of ...

How To Make Caramel For Leche Flan On Your Induction Stove

Yes, it's possible!
We love leche flan and we bet you do, too! This creamy custard with the caramel sauce will have any Pinoys searching for it at any party.It’s so well-loved that you may think that perfecting the art of making and cooking the leche ...

This Is How an Induction Stove Works

Here's the science behind this stove!
Many professional and home cooks have been turning to induction stoves for their durability, speed in heating up, and easy maintenance. An induction burner has a ceramic surface with a very strong electromagnetic coil underneath. Once this comes in contact with an induction-friendly ...
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