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INFOGRAPHIC: Weight Conversions for Common Baking Ingredients

Get accurate measurements when it comes to baking cookies, cakes, and other sweet treats.
This handy weight conversion infographic for common baking ingredients is for bakers who like to be exact and consistent. When you get your measurements right every time, your baked goods turn out right every time as well. These are the numbers that ...

INFOGRAPHIC: Pinoy Pork Favorites

Are these pork dishes your favorites, too?
It's obvious that Filipinos absolutely love cooking with pork. There's a reason why these recipes are so well-loved: they're just plain good! 1 Liempo Juicy pork belly is great any way you have it: slow-roasted into a caramelized chunk of meat, grilled over smoky ...

INFOGRAPHIC: Know Your Pinoy Kakanin

These Filipino native delicacies, or kakanin, usually show up on our kitchen tables for merienda or dessert. Learn how to make your favorites!
1 Sapin-sapinThis chewy rice cake usually has three fun-colored layers: white, yellow, and purple!2 KutsintaThis steamed rice cake is a favorite mid-day snack in the Philippines. Enjoy it with freshy-grated coconut! 3 PutoWatch this video to learn how to make this fluffy steamed cake! 4 ...

INFOGRAPHIC: A Cheat Sheet for Volume Equivalents

Know how to convert your basic cup measurements to pints, quarts, and ounces.
Here's a useful cheat sheet for measuring out liquid volume measurements for your baking and cooking needs. You can even print it out and place it on your kitchen refrigerator for easy reference!  ...

INFOGRAPHIC: A Guide to Ingredient Equivalents

Here's a helpful guide for those times you ask, "how many eggs make 1 cup?"
Measuring ingredients can be tricky so we're here to help you out with this nifty infographic. Bookmark and save for those times when you find yourself asking "how much chocolate do I need for an ounce?" Infographic by Alyssa Guerra ...

INFOGRAPHIC: The Guide to Whisks

We found loads of whisks, each with a different purpose.
.Looking to buy a new whisk, but have no clue where to start? Before you head off whisk-shopping, we suggest you take a peek at our little guide about the different kinds of whisks in the market and find out exactly what ...
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