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Got Cornflakes? Use Them Instead Of Breadcrumbs

That box of unflavored cereal can be quite handy.
The typical breading for fried chicken is usually all-purpose flour but some mix in other kinds of flour to create a crunchy coating. Cornstarch is one kind that you can mix in but there are some recipes that use potato starch and even rice flour for their ...

10 Ingredients You Should Always Have In Your Pantry

You will never run out of dishes to make if you have these!
There are some ingredients one should have on the ready so you can make a meal at any time. With these ingredients, you can make breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even merienda that will not only taste good, it will also be fast and easy to make since your ingredients ...

All-Purpose Flour is The Secret Ingredient to Make Great Frosting!

Use flour to make your frosting and you’ll be surprised how delicious – and easy! – it is to make.
The great thing with flour is that it’s one of the most versatile ingredients in your kitchen. From baking to cooking to frying to roasting, you will be using flour at some stage of the prep. Flour is a kitchen staple!And we ...

Tip of the Week: How to Scale a Recipe

How do you scale a recipe up or down?
.Most recipes serve at least four, but you’re only cooking for two. Or maybe you’re throwing a party and need more servings than a recipe makes. Here's how to scale a recipe up (or down!): Simply get the recipe’s conversion factor—that is, ...

Ingredient Spotlight: Sea Salt

Plus, desserts you can make with this pantry staple!
Sea salt crystals are larger than that of table salt and have delicate salt flakes which are produced through evaporation of ocean water and little processing. They can be ground to sprinkle on meat or fish but sea salt can also be ...
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