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All the Grilling Tips And Recipes You Need To Make The Perfect Inihaw

Love barbeque? Try these grilling tips and recipes!
Summer is here and you know what that means: it’s barbeque season! Grilling barbeque is not only a great way to infuse smoky flavors in meats, seafood, vegetables, and even fruit but it can also double as a bonding experience for family and ...

Inihaw Na Sinigang Na Tuna Belly Recipe

This grilled dish tastes like your favorite soup but better!
What makes a "sinigang" a "sinigang"? For many of us who love the traditional version of the sinigang, the classic version is commonly made by simmering the ingredients in a broth made from the sampaloc or tamarind fruit. This can be made with seafood such as shrimp ...

8 Inihaw Dishes To Put On The Grill This Summer

Bring out the grill for these inihaw dishes to kick off the summer.
You're going to want to dust off the grill when you see these inihaw recipes. While these recipes have a marinade or a sauce that make it unique among all the other grilled food, you might want to have the choice to serve it ...

Inihaw Sandwich Recipe

Use leftovers to make a Vietnamese-style sandwich!
Put a Filipino twist into the Vietnamese favorite with luscious pork belly slices marinated in lemongrass, patis, and lime. ...

Summer Grilling Tips You Need to Make Perfect Inihaw

Here are our best grilling tips for your summer barbecues and beach trips!
Celebrate summer with all your favorite grilled dishes: inihaw na liempo, inihaw na pusit, inihaw na manok, and everything else in between. For novice cooks, working your way around a hot charcoal grill can be a little tricky. Here are our best grilling tips to help you set up ...

Inihaw na Pinoy Paella Recipe

Paella with Pinoy flavors? Make this a Sunday special at home!
This dish will be a hit! Imagine Spanish paella tweaked with Pinoy flavors via a topping of grilled meat and fresh seafood—it’s a complete meal in one pan. ...
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