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Woah, This New UCC Instant Coffee Dissolves In Cold Water!

No need to add hot water.
A cup of iced coffee solves two problems: satisfying a caffeine fix and beating the summer heat. But if you don’t have the budget to have iced coffee delivered on a daily basis nor have the patience to make your own, you ...

Tired Of Your Usual 3-in-1 Coffee? We Spotted Alternatives In The Supermarket

Have you spotted these coffee brands from Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, and Korea?
Is coffee an important part of your day? If you’re having an extra busy day working from home, you can always rely on instant coffee for your daily caffeine needs. You don't need to allot time for brewing. Just add hot water and stir, then ...

You Can Buy Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf's "Ready Coffee" In Supermarkets

There are three flavors available!
Is dropping by a cafe for a cup of joe part of your morning routine pre-ECQ? While most cafes are closed, our new normal has turned us into home-based baristas making Dalgona Coffee and Kori Kohi. But if you want something quick but ...

There Are New Instant Coffee Flavors in Town!

Tired of your usual cup of instant coffee?
Tired of your usual cup of instant coffee? Nescafe just introduced the NESCAFÉ Gold Collection boasting flavors made with handpicked Arabica and Robusta coffee beans combined with milk, and layered with a rich, velvety café froth. Get your hands on three new flavors: Latte ...

WATCH: How to Make Mocha Coffee Jelly

Treat yourself to this simple coffee jelly dessert.
This mocha coffee jelly recipe perfectly pairs the flavors and textures of coffee jelly with a light mocha mousse.TIP: To shorten prep time you can pour the coffee jelly mixture into the serving glasses and let it set there. Top with mousse ...

Espresso Hot Fudge Sauce Recipe

Pour this over ice cream or your fave dessert!
This coffee-based fudge recipe is perfect to drizzle on your ice cream or fave cake!  ...

6 Unexpected Ways to Use Instant Coffee in the Kitchen

Instant coffee is the secret ingredient you should be using in your dishes.
Artisanal coffee has become part of one’s daily routine, we’ve practically forgotten all about instant coffee! But don’t let that bottle in your cupboard go to waste. Here are nifty ideas on how you can use it in your cooking.1. Bake it!  When ...

Coffee Granola Parfait Recipe

Never thought you could use instant coffee in desserts?
Never thought you could use instant coffee in desserts? ...
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