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All The Ways You Can Upgrade Your Instant Pancit Canton

Hack your instant pancit canton noodles with these ideas!
The instant pancit canton is a revolutionary food item! Before this faux "stir-fried" instant noodles, all instant noodles were ramen. The pancit canton is a great innovation because it not only made making pancit canton easier and faster to make, but it also ...

WATCH: An Easy, Tasty Pork Ramen Recipe That You Can Cook In Minutes

You need this in your busy life now.
You may not know it right now but you need this fast and tasty pork ramen recipe in your life right now. It's so easy to make, you'll want it on your weekly meal plan! Miso Pork Ramen RecipeTakes 20 minutesMakes 2 servings1 ...

Spicy Noodle Challenge: Here Are 3 Other Ways to Enjoy These Too-Spicy Bowls

If you can’t finish off the whole bowl of Samyang instant noodles, we have some ideas.
You’ve probably seen the photos and videos on social media: people have been trying the spicy noodle challenge and documenting their attempts. Some can’t go past a few spoonfuls and can’t quite finish off a bowl of the tongue-numbing noodle soup. Don’t ...

Instant Beef Noodles Recipe

Fast, easy, and hearty!
This noodle recipe is easy! Thinly sliced beef cooks in hot water, just like instant noodles—perfect for a fast yet hearty meal. ...
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