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Score This Limited-Edition Samyang x Jinro Instant Noodles

Samyang is known for their instant ramen, Hite-Jinro is known for their soju!
If you’ve come to love Samyang’s “fire noodles” beyond its viral phase from years ago, then here’s something new you can try: Kimchi Buldak stir-fried noodles. This new instant noodles highlights the flavors from the traditional Korean banchan, kimchi: hot, spicy, and sour.According ...

The Different Instant Cheese Ramen Packs: How Much + Where To Buy It

Ramen + cheese is very delish!
Cheese can be added to a lot of dishes, including a comforting bowl of ramen. When you add melty cheese in a bowl of piping hot ramen noodles, the cheese instantly melts and softens. Once you stir the noodles, broth, and cheese together, ...

Japan's Ichiran Ramen Releases Its First-Ever Instant Cup Noodles!

It took them 20 years to develop.
Ichiran is known for its tonkotsu ramen and tourists flock to its many branches in Japan. The tonkotsu ramen also conveniently comes in packets of instant noodles, a godsend during this pandemic when we can’t travel abroad. After 20 years of development, Ichiran has come up with ...

Matcha Fans, Do You Think You Can Handle This Matcha Ramen?

Try it before you knock it!
Matcha is known for its earthy, nutty, and bitter taste, which is why it's an acquired taste. Aside from the common way of consuming matcha which is to take it in tea form, it's also often used in desserts to give it an earthy ...

All The Things You Can Add To Instant Noodles

You need to give these a try.
Instant noodles were invented to be a fast, easy, and flavorful meal. The first of its kind was a "chicken ramen" where steamed and seasoned noodles were dehydrated in oil and packaged as is to be rehydrated in boiling water. These packs however ...

Our Recent Grocery Find Combines Cheesy Ramen And Cheesy Tteokbokki

Cheesy rabokki, anyone?
For those obsessed with K-drama, you’re probably familiar with the many delicious Korean dishes you keep seeing onscreen. If you’re familiar with tteokbokki, a Korean spicy rice cake stew that’s often sold along the streets, this classic street food actually works well with ...

Adding This One Ingredient Will Make Instant Ramen More Delicious!

This ingredient is already in your kitchen.
One of the things you probably have in your kitchen are packs of instant ramen. It’s convenient, affordable, and delicious. But if you’re getting that “sawa” or “umay” factor from eating the same instant ramen every other day, we found out one ...

This Korean Grocery In QC Has Meats For Your Next K-BBQ Night

They have a wide selection of flavored almonds, too.
One of the best things you can do if you love Korean food (besides eating in Korean restaurants) is to visit a Korean supermarket! When in Quezon City residents, you should visit Fun and Mart, a Korean and Japanese grocery where you can ...

Japan's Famous Ichiran Instant Ramen Is Now Available In The Supermarket!

Ready your chopsticks.
When visiting Japan, indulging in a bowl of ramen is a must. One of the more famous ramen shops amoung tourists is Ichiran Ramen. This ramen house became popular because of its signature tonkonsu ramen, a pork-based broth. The instant ramen version of their tonkotsu ...

Nissin Releases Instant Noodles That Are Supposedly More Nutritious

It apparently contains 13 different vitamins and 13 minerals.
Nissin has blessed ramen lovers everywhere with their new All-In Noodles series. According to Sora News 24, "each packet of instant ramen includes over a third of the body's daily requirements for 13 different vitamins, 13 minerals, protein, and dietary fiber." Sounds ...

We Know Where To Buy IndoMie's Premium Salted Egg Noodles

You don't need to hop on a plane!
We can't count how many times we’ve found something on the web we fancied that wasn’t available locally. When these noodles went viral back in the day, we imagine a lot of people were so disappointed that it didn’t reach our shores. ...

Transform Your Instant Pancit Canton With These Easy Under-P50 Hacks

Make your childhood favorite instant noodle more delicious and satisfying.
Everyone’s got a favorite memory eating a bowl of instant noodles. It’s delicious, there’s no doubt about that, and super easy to prep. Whether it’s staving off hunger or curbing an untimely hunger pang late at night—it always comes in handy.Here are a ...
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