This Ramen's Chashu Is Marinated And Braised For 34 Hours!

It's torched to give a smoky flavor, too!
To the uninitiated, a simple bowl of ramen isn’t just a simple bowl of ramen. Japanese cuisine, in general, has a very precise and detailed process of creating their dishes which all are essential to its taste and quality. In Ippudo, one ...

This Mushroom Ramen Is One Of A Kind!

How does one bowl of ramen standout in a city filled with tons of ramen houses? Well, Ippudo Philippines is steering away from the classic Tonkotsu broth and meaty pork chashu by replacing it with a completely new base and toppings. Meet ...

This Is The Original Ippudo Ramen Recipe That Started It All!

Good food doesn't have to be complicated.
Every contemporary dish has its own origin story and Ippudo’s famous line of delicious ramen? Well, as with anything, it all started with “Zero”—literally. Ippudo’s 33-year-old Zero ramen represents the original ramen recipe that led to the rise of Ippudo's famous ramen empire. ...

The iPhone 6 Lets You Pay Your Bills at Restos, A Meatloaf Bakery + More Food News

Plus, Ippudo is now open in Manila!
Pay your restaurant bills with your phone? Why not!Apple just unveiled their biggest iPhones to date and one of the announcements include Apple's new mobile payment system dubbed Apple Pay. According to nymag.com, OpenTable has integrated its software with Apple Pay: “OpenTable ...
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