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Crispy Fried Fish Fillet Recipes That Are Easy To Make

These are super fast and easy to cook.
Anyone who loves fish will agree that fish fillets make preparing and cooking fish so much easier. There's no need to do the dirty work of gutting the fish, removing fish scales and skin, and plucking out fish bones. Fish is naturally easy ...

Easy Baked Fish Recipes To Make So You Can Do Less Cooking

There's no need to stand in front of a hot stove.
Fish is one of those ingredients that does not need much time to cook. There is no need to tenderize the meat because it's naturally soft, so the danger lies in not overcooking the fish rather than undercooking it.   One of the ...

Different Ways To Cook Salmon Belly

This is one of the most affordable parts of the salmon.
Salmon is not cheap. This vibrantly pink hued fish is an imported fish, so it's a fish that is usually reserved for more specially occasions. However, for those who adore the taste of this fatty fish, you don't need to shell out too much ...

Buttermilk Fried Fish Fillet Recipe

A touch of seasoning really makes a flavorful difference in this fried fish.
There is no shame in using premade mixes. In fact, it's a kitchen hack that you need to take advantage of so you're never at a loss when deciding on how to make your food flavorful and delicious! In this fish fillet recipe using cream dory, ...

Ginataang Tulingan Recipe

Ang isda at gata ay pinagsama sa isang malinamnam na ulam.
Kung mahilig ka sa mabilis lutuin na ulam, magluto ka ng isda. Sa recipe na to, gata ang ginamit na pampa-sarap sa tulingan. Simpleng gata, konting sibuyas, luya, at sili, at patis lamang ang kailangan para maging mas malasa ang ulam. Mabilis lang lutuin ang ginataang ...

Tinolang Isda Recipe

This fish tinola recipe is just as tasty as the chicken.
Tinola isn't just for chicken! In fact, you can use any meat for this delicious Filipino gingery broth. Here, we used tanigue steaks but you can use your favorite fish for this comforting dish.  ...

Tinowang Isda Recipe

Looking for a low-fat dish? Try this!
Looking for a low-fat fish dish? Ginger and lemongrass add bright flavors to this light fish soup. ...

Fish Escabeche Recipe

This Filipino-style escabeche is a play on sweet and sour flavors!
This Filipino-style escabeche recipe is a play on sweet and sour flavors. Maya-maya is the main star of this dish and requires very little time to prepare. Frying and cooking the fish in vinegar gives the dish a unique texture and acidic ...

Paksiw na Isda Recipe (Fish in Vinegar)

This Filipino fish dish is comfort food to many—just let it simmer in a vinegar-garlic mixture!
Paksiw is a common dish in any Filipino household especially since it takes such a short amount of time to prepare. Although there are numerous variations of this dish such as lechon paksiw, paksiw na tulingan (tuna), and paksiw na pata (pork leg), using ...
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