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Carbonara, Focaccia, Tiramisu, and More Italian Recipes That You'll Want to Give A Chef's Kiss

Love Italian food? Give these classic Italian recipes a try!
Italian cuisine is one of the most recognizable in the world. When we think pasta or pizza, we think Italian; but there is so much more to Italian food than just these two dishes.Italy is composed of 20 different regions, and depending ...

What's The Difference: Paella Vs. Risotto

Both are delicious rice recipes.
Kanin is life! There are many ways you can cook and serve rice but the most common way is also the simplest: plain and steamed.  Steamed fluffy white rice is a staple and eaten at almost every meal but there are some feasts ...

This New Dish From Mama Lou's Combines Their Famous Truffle Risotto With Beefy Salpicao!

It's also topped with a thick layer of melted cheese!
Mama Lou’s is known for their Italian pizzas and bowls of pasta, but one of the dishes restaurant patrons go back for is Mama Lou's risotto. If you’re a big fan of the Risotto Tartufo Funghi, you should definitely try Mama Lou’s new ...

Impress Your Guests With Delicious Italian Potluck Trays This Christmas Season

Time to bring out the bottle of wine!
It comes as no surprise that when it comes to modern Italian food, Cibo is one that's top-of-mind. Founded by Chef Margarita Fores, you can expect to impress your guests with squisito Italian dishes that are now available in party trays. The Best Hits ...

Get Pasta, Pizza, and Sandwiches at CIBO for Only P22!

CIBO celebrates its 22nd anniversary with a fantastic trip and great food.
Italian restaurant CIBO is celebrating their 22nd anniversary with a "P22 Dining Seat Sale" promo that could send you on an amazing trip to Rome! Dine at Cibo starting August 1 and get a chance to win an amazing all-expenses trip to Rome, Italy. It includes round-trip premium economy seats for ...

This Mango-Strawberry Dessert Is Calling Out To Us

Hardcore sweet tooths will fall in love.
For Chef Robert Kim Sotto, cooking for Single Origin Osteria brings back warm memories of when he worked in Italy. It’s not uncommon for him to speak in Italian while in the kitchen, completely forgetting that he was in the Philippines. This ...

Meals By the Beach Have Never Been This Good

We think great vacations include great food!
If you've always thought beach life was just all about grilled food and the simplest dishes you can find, think again. Hotels and destinations are rethinking experiences that go beyond the 'gram and are making sure that there's something to talk about beyond a pretty ...

Here Are Some of Nigella Lawson's Tips for Cooking Great Pasta Dishes

The popular food personality and best-selling cookbook author lets us in on her tried-and-tested kitchen tricks.
Mastering cooking pasta can make your whole life a lot easier and a whole lot healthier. You might be thinking twice because it’s easier to fall back on rice, but thankfully, we have celebrity chef Nigella Lawson to help us. Take some ...

Oliviers&Co. and Va Bene Restaurant Partner for a Delicious One Month-Only Special Menu

Flavored olive oils can be used in so many ways!
If you’ve tried the dishes at Italian restaurant Va Bene, you’ll know that each plate that comes out of the kitchen is a treat: they have freshly-made pasta and sauces prepared a la minute. Add premium ingredients such as Oliviers&Co. oils and condiments ...

Osso Buco

When making osso buco, remember to cook it low and slow—you’ll surely be rewarded with a rich, flavorful, and tender stew!
When making osso buco, remember to cook it low and slow—you’ll surely be rewarded with a rich, flavorful, and tender stew! ...

Casa Italia Has More than 40 Gelato Flavors!

Buon appetito!
Lovers of good Italian food will be glad to hear that Casa Italia has opened its doors in Forbestown Road, Burgos Park, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.Originally from Singapore, Casa Italia brings its classically Italian brand of casual dining to the discerning diners ...
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