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Chicken Asado Puto Pao Recipe With Salted Egg And Cheese

These steamed rice cakes are savory!
Puto pao is a special puto with chicken asado filling. We made it extra special by topping it with salted egg and cheese! ...

Salted Egg Fans, We Found This Pringles Flavor In The Supermarket!

Do you love the salted egg flavor?
Are you getting tired of munching on the same snacks every single day? If you’re a huge fan of salted egg powder-coated snacks, we found something new you can add to your snack stash. A canister of Pringles now comes in a ...

WATCH: Salted Egg Makes These Chicken Wings Extra Delicious

The salted egg craze is not over.
All things tossed in the yolks of the itlog na maalat, otherwise known as itlog na pula or salted eggs, was a crazy trend! From potato chips and fish skins to pasta sauces and dips, the grainy but savory yet creamy quality of the ...

Salted Egg and Tomato Pasta Recipe

Toss your favorite Pinoy side dishes, itlog na maalat and kamatis, into pasta.
This salted egg and tomato pasta is a twist on the classic Filipino side dish pairing, itlog na maalat and kamatis. Serve it as a side dish for roast meats!  ...

What to Cook This Week: Salted Egg Recipes

Cook your way into golden, luscious, salted egg perfection.
You have probably heard about the salted egg trend here and there, in both sweet and savory dishes, as you eat your way through Manila. Itlog na maalat has been a well-loved ingredient in Filipino cuisine for a long time now, and ...
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