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How To Cook Sunny Side Up Eggs With Crispy Sides And Edges

You know how to cook fried eggs. Here's how to get it crispy!
Fried eggs are a normal part of breakfast. It's so ingrained in a typical Pinoy almusal it's part of our silog favorite meals: any meat + sinangag or garlic fried rice + fried egg or itlog. The fried egg is a basic cooking lesson ...

How To Cook Scrambled Eggs In 10 Seconds Or Less

Use these tips to cook egg faster on the stove.
Eggs cook fast and easily in a really hot pan. That's the key to cooking eggs for breakfast: a hot pan. When that hot pan is smoking hot and nonstick too, it is not far-fetched to think that you can cook scrambled eggs ...

How To Cook Eggs + Easy Egg Recipes To Try

An egg is a mighty ingredient but you need to know how to cook it right.
Eggs are one of the building blocks of the culinary world. It is the ingredient that's used to bind other ingredients together. Fried eggs are the preferred side dish to hearty breakfast meals. It is the original leavening agent for cakes and other baked ...

Make Your Omelet Filling With These Pantry Staples

Raid your kitchen for some ingredients to add to your eggs.
The classic omelet doesn't need any other ingredient to make it more delicious but if you have ingredients that need to or can be used, why not elevate your omelet to something that is more filling and more satisfying? Take a good look in your ...
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