Grocery Find: 5-Minute Japanese Curry with Vegetables

Serve this curry over rice or pasta.
Nothing makes our hearts flutter more than the weeknight dinner life-saver—whether it’s an easy-to-use ingredient or a super quick recipe. This week, we found our weeknight life-saver in the spices aisle of the grocery. Meet House Foods’ Japanese-Style Curry Sauce with Vegetables. Unlike the ...

WATCH: How To Make Japanese Beef Curry

This curry is made with beef, a classic curry powder, vegetables, plus other ingredients that make it uniquely Japanese.
 This Japanese curry version is unlike any other curry: it's sweet and savory at the same time but loaded with practically the same ingredients that make curry delicious. What makes it uniquely different from the Indian curries and even our Pinoy version ...

This Japanese Curry Is Made For Meat Lovers!

Meat on meat!
If you truly believe that the amount of meat on your plate directly affects how happy your mood is, then the words “meat on meat” will most likely whet your appetite. You better sharpen your chopstick skills and make enough room (you ...
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