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Try This Strawberry Shortcake From This Japanese Grocery + Restaurant

It's only P145 per slice!
New Hatchin is a Japanese grocery that has a few branches around the Metro. The newly-opened New Hatchin branch along Katipunan Avenue isn’t just a grocery, but it is also a restaurant—also known as a grocerant.Half of the newly-opened New Hatchin's space ...

This Japanese Dessert Shop Will Soon Open In BGC!

It’s their first ever franchise outside Hong Kong!
There are various shaved icy desserts that different cultures enjoy. In the Philippines, we have halo-halo, Korea has bingsu, Taiwan has baobing, Singapore has ais kacang, and you can find snow cone and ice pops (or ice candy, as Pinoys call it) in ...

Sweet Desserts You Can Find In A Japanese Grocery!

Add these to your cart ASAP!
It’s always tempting to take go inside a specialty grocery, especially Asian groceries. You can find a wide selection of Samyang paste or kimchi in large containers at Korean groceries, while you can find bottles of hard-to-find spices in Indian groceries–but what can ...

Japan's Famous Ice Cream Sandwich Is Finally Here!

Summer just got sweeter!
Japan introduced the world to some really delicious treats: ramen, sushi, cheesecake, and mochi. If you've visited Japan, there’s another famous sweet bun with a distinct crisscross pattern on the top, which is often offered in most Japanese bakeries called the melonpan.Locals love ...
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