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JULY 2007

How to Make an Easy Bread Pudding

Turn your leftover breads into this easy-to-do bread pudding.
Too many leftover breads during breakfast? Why don't you turn it into this simple and easy-to-do bread pudding. Photography by Patrick Martires | Text and Research by Angelo Comsti | Demonstration by Cheers Vazquez, assisted by Christian Joson and Ariel Obando ...

How to Poach an Egg

It's not that complicated. It just takes three easy steps.
It takes just three easy steps to achieve a poached egg - a solid egg white, runny and soft egg yolk.           Make perfect poached eggs like on this Smoked Fish Baguette! See gallery below.Recipes with poached eggs:Poaching too complicated? Try other egg ...

Claude Tayag

The King of Pampango cuisine names his favorite local food ingredients.
Claude Tayag53, artist, writer and chef "[I learned to cook] I guess exposure at home with my mother’s cooking. I come from a fairly large family. I am the ninth of twelve children. There was constant cooking and “feeding” of an army, literally, ...
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