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Ginataang Tahong at Halaan Recipe

Gata or coconut milk makes a delicious sauce for shellfish.
Even when all you have is simple ingredients, shellfish such as tahong and halaan can be super delicious! Gata or coconut milk is a fantastic ingredient to pair with shellfish and easily cooks, too. If you want a creamy and delicious seafood meal, try ...

This Is the Freshest Ready-To-Use Gata You Can Buy

There's no need to make it from scratch ever again.
Coco Mama Fresh Gata might be the freshest ready-to-use gata you can buy, and the best part is, you don't ever have to make it from scratch again.  Have you ever made coconut cream or milk from scratch? If you have, you know the time and ...

Tokwang Adobo Sa Gata Recipe

This meatless adobo has all the flavors plus the creaminess of gata.
Mix it up and make your adobo meatless with this easy swap to tofu.The process is almost the same when it comes to making the swap from meat like pork or chicken to tofu. The big difference is that instead of simmering the meat until tender, you ...

Ube Biko Recipe

The brilliant purple hue of this sticky rice dessert is because of ube.
Biko is easy to make. You need a rice cooker to do most of the work and just to make it different from your usual, it's dyed an incredibly vibrant color with both ube halaya and ube flavoring for added brilliance. No biko ...

You Can Replace Cream With Gata + Recipes To Try

All-purpose cream makes dishes creamy, but only gata can make it creamier AND tastier.
All-purpose cream is a special ingredient that can make many dishes supremely delicious with its silky creaminess. Sometimes, however, too much creaminess can be heavy, cloying, and even downright unappealing when you have too much of it. We can solve that problem with a simple swap! Swap ...

Here Are All The Ways You Can Use Coconut In Desserts

If you love buko, these are the dreamy coconut desserts you should be making.
We totally understand if you are obsessed with coconut. From ice cream made of coconut cream to a show-stopping coconut-flavored cake that's covered in coconut shavings, the buko has a lot to do with making many desserts delicious. Coconut is one of these ingredients that ...

Gata Makes These Recipes Extra Irresistible

You can do so much more with the coconut.
The coconut tree is called the tree of life for good reason. Buko juice or coconut water has already gained prominence worldwide but that’s where the popularity of eating the coconut has ended. Our Asian neighbors know the value of the coconut—and not just for its ...

Here Are Other Ways You Can Cook With Gata More Often

Gata is creamy, aromatic, and delicious!
Gata (coconut milk) is an ingredient we have in abundance and it's one ingredient that can make any dish more delicious. It's a delicious way to amp up the creamy texture and flavors without actually adding any dairy into your dish. If you ...

Bicol Express Recipe

If you love spicy food, this is the chili-packed recipe to challenge you.
Looking for a recipe to prepare on a rainy night? Bring on the heat with this Bicol Express! It's a delicious gata recipe with coconut cream, chilies, vegetables, and pork that can change the way you love spicy food. Those from Bicol love the ...

Filipino Ginataan Recipe

Ginataan or ginataang bilo-bilo is a sweet treat made with sticky rice balls.
Ginataan or ginataang bilo-bilo is a sweet treat made with sticky rice balls. It's a Filipino recipe that is often enjoyed for merienda or dessert.A classic ginataang bilo-bilo recipe contains a mix of many of the ingredients you love that's been made into minatamis: saba bananas, sago, ...

Everything You Need to Know About Using Gata (Coconut Milk)

This cooking staple can make your dishes extra delicious.
Gata, or coconut milk, is a staple ingredient in many Southeast Asian countries. It’s rich, decadent, earthy, creamy, and not to mention, extremely versatile, too. Its uses cut across both savory and sweet dishes—here is everything you need to know about gata, ...

WATCH: How to Make Latik

The popular kakanin topping is easier to make than you might think!

Ginataang Langka (Young Jackfruit in Coconut Milk)

This binagoongan dish gets heartier, sweeter with a little jackfruit in the mix.
Gata, or coconut milk, is a delicious ingredient that can transform a seemingly simple dish into one that's lip-smackingly delicious. It can even make something that's normally unpalatable delicious, like unripe langka.   The trick to using a green langka or unripe jackfruit is ...

How to Make Coconut Milk at Home

Making something that calls for coconut milk?
Making something that calls for coconut milk (gata)? Sure, canned and powdered ones are readily available, but freshly extracted milk gives better flavor. The good news? It’s easy to do at home! To extract coconut cream (kakang gata), also known as the ...

Ginataang Manok Recipe

The creamy sauce is what makes this coconut chicken recipe so delicious.
The creamy sauce of this chicken stew will win you over.The key ingredient in this creamy recipe is the kakang gata, or coconut cream and coconut milk. It makes it incredibly creamy without using milk, cream, or any other dairy product. Not only that, the coconut cream ...
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