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What's The Difference: Paella Vs. Risotto

Both are delicious rice recipes.
Kanin is life! There are many ways you can cook and serve rice but the most common way is also the simplest: plain and steamed.  Steamed fluffy white rice is a staple and eaten at almost every meal but there are some feasts ...

Avoid Food Poisoning: How To Store Leftover Rice Properly

Don't take leftovers for granted.
Food poisoning is one of those things that happen to us when we least expect it. It's an unassuming thing because you don't know you're doing it until you develop symptoms. By then, it's too late.You can prevent food poisoning by not ...

Recipes Using Leftover Rice You Didn't Think To Make

Cooked rice is an easy-to-use main ingredient.
Few Filipino households can hold a meal without steamed rice. The backbone of our cuisine, rice is hearty and filling. On its own, ulam can be extra flavorful, salty, and can be umami bombs. Rice tames the flavors and makes the meal more satisfying. We don't ...

You Can Cook Rice In The Microwave!

This brilliant hack can save you from cooking more than you need.
We all know that rice cookers are the best at cooking rice. A Filipino meal is never complete without steamed white rice. Your mom's chicken and pork adobo and sinigang na baboy are just not as good when you don't have a nice mound of rice on ...

Bibimbap Recipes To Make Instead Of Your Usual Fried Rice

These are loaded rice bowls!
Any Korean menu will have this dish on its menu: the bibimbap. You'll see that it's a popular dish and it's no wonder. It's a fried rice meal that is super satisfying as well as super tasty with the flavors and tastes ...

Here Are Fried Rice Tips You Should Use For Your Next Meal

Your favorite fried rice recipe can be made better.
It's amazing how a flavorful fried rice can make a meal more satisfying. It's one of the dishes you most likely eat every day. This is the sinangag or garlic fried rice you cooked and served with your beef tapa, tocino, or dating ...

Ginataang Paella Recipe

This dish is inspired by the Laguna fiesta celebrating the coconut.
This paella recipe is easy to make and celebrates the flavors of a savory ginataang dish. This recipe is in honor of my hometown, San Pablo City, home of the Coco Festival, in Laguna.  ...

Nasi Goreng Recipe

This appetizing plate of fried rice is your all-in-one meal!
This all-in-one fried rice meal is an Indonesian recipe. Translated to mean "fried rice", this stir fry is really just a fried rice recipe that mixes your ulam and rice into one meal. What makes this impressively different in flavor from other fried rice ...

Japanese Fried Rice Recipe

You don't need to go out to have this delicious Japanese fried rice!
Rice is life, and if you're one of those people who love their kanin, this Japanese-inspired fried rice version should make you want to eat even more! This isn't your ordinary fried rice recipe because it's got a secret Japanese fried rice cooking technique that ...
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