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Asadong Matwa Recipe

This Kapampangan pork recipe is a traditional dish for special occasions.
One of the old Kapampangan pork dishes served during fiestas, this asado recipe is a constant staple during special occasions in this region.  ...

The Gatekeeper To Kapampangan Cuisine Shares Her Secrets

Atching Lillian Borromeo, renowned food historian, gives us a delicious crash course.
“Gusto mo bang kape?” Atching Lillian Borromeo asked her holdaper.She was already at the gate of her home and kitchen restaurant when a man had poked her side with a gun, telling her to give her phone up. Atching (which by the ...

All The Kapampangan Food You Should Buy For Pasalubong!

Mangan ta na!
If you’ve ever toured Pampanga, you know that there’s no shortage of places where to eat. Sisig, morcon, buro, bulanglang, bringhe (native paella), and tocino (which are traditionally sour in taste!) are just a few of the delicious tatak-Kapampangan dishes you shouldn’t ...

Try Out This Kapampangan Mom's Meal Plan!

Experience what it means to eat like a Kapampangan.
According to Junie Sinio, a mom from San Fernando, Pampanga, she only began to appreciate cooking once she had her own family to feed. When she was a kid in the barrio, she used to watch her elders cook in the kitchen ...

Kapampangan-style Batchoy (Batsui) Recipe

Pampanga's version of the batchoy is a clear pork soup without any noodles.
Pampanga has some delicious recipes, including their versions of other dishes that others may not be more familiar with. The batchoy is one of these dishes that they made their own. What makes their version different is that it doesn't contain any noodles. It's a clear ...

What To Eat + What To Do in Pampanga

We asked restaurateur and local food guide Poch Jorolan on the joys of eating in the country’s culinary capital.
The food scene in Pampanga is unique because of the people involved. We have quite a number of culinary personalities that are well-known not only in the country but also in the international food scene, like chef Claude Tayag. Our cuisine is ...

Kapampangan-style Pork Asado Recipe

Tomato paste is added to the popular pork dish.
Pork asado is a popular pork dish adapted from the Chinese. The Kapampangan version is stewed with tomato paste and fresh tomatoes, giving this sweet dish a bit of tang.  ...

Eat Like a Local: Food Tours You Can Try

Discover the best of local food with these delicious food tours.
Philippine cuisine has been attracting more and more local and foreign attention with the popularity of ube and rising popularity of chefs with Filipino heritage. But how well do you know the different flavors of the Philippines?Fortunately, there are a number of ...

Bulanglang Recipe (Vegetables with Fish Soup)

This soup dish is a popular soup dish in Pampanga.
This Kampanpangan version of a vegetable soup dish (you can find variations in Batangas, too) is a popular healthy soup. Cooking tip: Do not overcook vegetables—they taste best when they still have a slight crunch to them. Be sure to first put ...
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