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Have A Taste Of This Kapampangan Lola's Legendary Cookies

Take a crispy, sweet bite of history!
Atching Lillian Borromeo lives in a time capsule. Her home houses kitchen artifacts some of which are 200 years old. From ancient clay cooking pots, coconut shell spatulas, to ornate, wooden cookie molds—every nook and cranny is alive with a piece of history. ...

The Gatekeeper To Kapampangan Cuisine Shares Her Secrets

Atching Lillian Borromeo, renowned food historian, gives us a delicious crash course.
“Gusto mo bang kape?” Atching Lillian Borromeo asked her holdaper.She was already at the gate of her home and kitchen restaurant when a man had poked her side with a gun, telling her to give her phone up. Atching (which by the ...

Try Out This Kapampangan Mom's Meal Plan!

Experience what it means to eat like a Kapampangan.
According to Junie Sinio, a mom from San Fernando, Pampanga, she only began to appreciate cooking once she had her own family to feed. When she was a kid in the barrio, she used to watch her elders cook in the kitchen ...

Have You Tried Pampanga's Version Of Chicharon?

This isn't your typical chicharon.
As sinful as chicharon (fried pork rinds) is, it’s admittedly one of the many Filipino dishes that’s difficult to eat it in moderation. It’s hard not to go for a second or third bite of this porky snack, especially when it’s served ...

Kapampangan-style Batchoy (Batsui) Recipe

Pampanga's version of the batchoy is a clear pork soup without any noodles.
Pampanga has some delicious recipes, including their versions of other dishes that others may not be more familiar with. The batchoy is one of these dishes that they made their own. What makes their version different is that it doesn't contain any noodles. It's a clear ...

This Is Our Top Chicken Recipe for 2018

This is an absolute must-try!
This year, the Kapampangan Chicken Asado Recipe topped our most popular chicken recipe list for good reason: the promise of Kapampangan expertise, the ease of cooking chicken, and the familiar Chinese-inspired sweet and sour taste of asado.Key to this version of asado is using fresh ...

WATCH: How To Make Kapampangan Chicken Asado

Tomatoes and a bit of brown sugar gives this asado a tangy, sweet flavor.
Chicken isn't the first thing that comes to mind when you hear asado but trust the people from Pampanga to make something different and delicious. Not only is this asado version made with chicken, but it also has tomatoes. The tomatoes give it a tang but ...

Kapampangan Chicken Asado Recipe

Make your favorite Pinoy chicken asado recipe, Kapampangan-style!
This Kapampangan version of chicken asado is made with fresh tomatoes. Mouthwatering flavors and ingredients definitely make this a must-try! This dish is filled with aromatic ingredients that are sure to make your dining table smell absolutely divine. Fresh tomatoes and a ...

Asadong Matua (Old-Fashioned Pork Asado) Recipe

Also called Asadong Pasko, this dish is not typically served in restaurants.
Also called Asadong Pasko, Asadong Barrio, and Abo-abo in Pampanga, this dish is not typically served in restaurants, says Pampanga native Poch Jorolan. It is a special dish served in households across the province during fiestas and other special occasions.  ...

7 Kapampangan Dishes to Try

There’s more to Pampanga’s cuisine than exotic dishes.
Kapampangan cuisine is known for having exotic dishes such as Crispy Camaru (fried crickets) or Betute (stuffed frog) but there are other equally tasty dishes that make the Central Luzon province popular: Morcon (Stuffed Meat Rolls)This beef dish is usually cooked during holidays ...

Tamales Recipe

Chef Gene Gonzalez modernizes this old Kapampangan fiesta favorite and makes easier to make at home.
Renowned chef Gene Gonzalez modernizes this old Kapampanganfiesta favorite and makes it so much easier for everyone to make at home.While the traditional Mexican tamales makes use of stone-ground corn, this is given a homegrown twist with the use of toasted rice, a staple in Pampanga from ...

Sisig Saud

This is not your regular sisig because it's grilled and mixed green. It's a whole lot healthier!
This may not be your regular sisig, but it's just as good. Because it's grilled and mixed in with tomatoes and greens, it's even a whole lot healthier! ...
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