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You Can Save As Much As P375 With Yabu's NEW Katsu Platters

Good news: it's available for takeout and delivery!
Do you miss eating at Yabu with your friends or family, but aren't comfortable dining in the establishment? We have good news for you! Yabu just launched three Katsu Platters for you and your other Yabu-loving friends and family who prefer to ...

8 Ways To Make Delicious Katsu

This breaded chop is easy to make at home.
One of the most popular menu items on a Japanese menu might be the tonkatsu. The tonkatsu, or breaded pork cutlet, is actually one of many different kinds of katsu. Translated, katsu means food that has been breaded so it can mean pork, chicken, fish, ...

Chicken Katsu Curry Recipe

Sweet, spicy, and crunchy, you can make this at home!
Japanese curry and a chicken katsu is a common meal combination. The Japanese style of curry is a sweet and spicy blend, courtesy of honey, a pear, and lots of onions. It's the perfect mix of textures to complement a crunchy chicken fillet.  Want to ...

Here's An Easy Way To Make Japanese Katsu Curry At Home

You can combine two recipes!
Even we have to admit that the Japanese katsu curry at a Japanese restaurant can easily lure you in. It's got everything delicious going for it! It starts with the incredibly crispy pork cutlet or the tonkatsu that's tender and juicy straight from the frying ...

Yabu Fans, You Can Now Enjoy This Famous Katsu Set At Home!

Yes, the set includes all the Yabu essentials, too.
What do you miss most about Yabu? Besides the juicy Katsu, you also probably miss the whole gang, too: katsu sauce, miso soup, and the cabbage that isn’t complete without a generous drizzle of their signature sesame dressing. If you’re having major Yabu ...

This Japanese Curry Is Made For Meat Lovers!

Meat on meat!
If you truly believe that the amount of meat on your plate directly affects how happy your mood is, then the words “meat on meat” will most likely whet your appetite. You better sharpen your chopstick skills and make enough room (you ...

Tonkatsu Sandwich Recipe

These baon-worthy sandwiches are all about texture: crisp pork katsu and soft, fluffy white bread.
These snackable sandwiches are all about texture: crisp pork katsu and soft, fluffy white bread. Instead of Japanese mayo, try barbecue sauce for a modern take on this tonkatsu sandwich. Prep it for a delicious baon!  ...

Fish Katsu Curry Recipe

Fish katsu curry is super tasty and easy to make at home!
This seafood recipe blankets light fish katsu in a rich curry sauce for one irresistible meal. Serve with bowls and bowls of steamed Japanese rice. ...

Prawn Katsu Recipe

Prawn katsu is great for light but satisfying meatless dinners!
Looking for meatless dinner idea? Turn to this prawn katsu dish! Remember to leave the tails on for a more striking presentation. ...

Katsu Burger Recipe

This burger recipe has a fun twist: Japanese flavors.
There’s more to burgers and fries than cheese and ketchup! For a full-on Japanese treat, try this katsu-wasabi-togarashi trio. This burger recipe has a fun twist! ...

Katsudon Recipe

Bite into that crunchy pork katsu and cover it in sweet-and-salty dashi sauce!
What do you get when you add sweet-salty dashi sauce to tonkatsu? A lip-smacking katsudon meal both kids and grown-ups will surely love! Where is the extra rice? ...

Torikatsudon Recipe

Make kitchen work stress-free by breading the meat and preparing the sweet soy stock ahead of time.
Wondering what to cook for dinner? Turn to this classic Japanese rice topping. Make kitchen work stress-free by breading the meat and preparing the sweet soy stock ahead of time. This way, dinner is served in minutes! ...
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