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8 Ways To Make Delicious Katsu

This breaded chop is easy to make at home.
One of the most popular menu items on a Japanese menu might be the tonkatsu. The tonkatsu, or breaded pork cutlet, is actually one of many different kinds of katsu. Translated, katsu means food that has been breaded so it can mean pork, chicken, fish, ...

Here's An Easy Way To Make Japanese Katsu Curry At Home

You can combine two recipes!
Even we have to admit that the Japanese katsu curry at a Japanese restaurant can easily lure you in. It's got everything delicious going for it! It starts with the incredibly crispy pork cutlet or the tonkatsu that's tender and juicy straight from the frying ...

Katsudon Recipe

Bite into that crunchy pork katsu and cover it in sweet-and-salty dashi sauce!
What do you get when you add sweet-salty dashi sauce to tonkatsu? A lip-smacking katsudon meal both kids and grown-ups will surely love! Where is the extra rice? ...
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