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Looking For Keto Bread And Delicious Pastries? You Can Get Them From Healthy Options

The breads and pastries from Baking Therapy are now available for delivery.
Most of our essentials can now be ordered online and if you’ve been looking for specific food items such as keto and gluten-free bread, there’s good news. Healthy Options’ Baking Therapy line may now be ordered online!Choose from the white loaf bread, ...

The Biggest Healthy Options Store Has A Bakery That Sells Keto Bread, Pastries + More

It’s a great alternative to your usual coffee spot.
Step inside the Uptown BGC branch of Healthy Options and you’ll be surprised to see a small bakery and café welcoming you near the entrance. Welcome to Baking Therapy, Healthy Options’ bakery which offers a selection of keto bread, low-sugar pastries, and gluten-free bread.“I love ...

They Tried Keto Diet For a Year And This Is What Happened

Curious about Keto? You NEED to read this.
It’s 2019 and the hopeful New Year resolutions are back again. You might be reluctant to dive in though if you’ve experienced going back on a diet. We’ve all been there—giving up before we even get results. But hey, maybe this is ...

Are You on the Keto Diet? Try This Keto Bread!

Add this to your Keto meal plan!
If you’re on the Keto diet—the high-fat, moderate protein, low-carb diet people are doing mainly to lose weight—it might have been a bit difficult to look for alternatives to the food you used to love. Miss eating bread? Real Food in Molito, ...
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