Did You Know You Can Order A Giant Bucket Of KFC Fries?

Every day can be "fries-yay!"
For a lot of people, the best thing you can get at KFC isn't the fried chicken—it's the fries. The Crispy Fries are thick-cut and seasoned to savory perfection, so we're not surprised if a regular-sized serving or even a large isn't ...

It's True, KFC Brings Back the Double Down!

It's the long-awaited comeback!
KFC, both here and abroad, is known for launching the craziest fast-food items, and the most popular is probably the Double Down (P100/Junior Double Down, P155/Original Double Down). KFC first launched it locally in 2010, and since then, the over-the-top burger has come back in ...

KFC Is Bringing Back the Zinger Double Down

This is not a joke!
Everybody went wild when KFC first announced that they were bringing back the Double Down—after nine years! But if you're in the mood to spice up your usual fried-chicken sandwich, here's a pro tip: You can also order the Double Down as ...

KFC Is Making Their Fried Chicken Extra Buttery

With loads of garlic, too!
There are very few things butter cannot improve—it's even being added to coffee. Now KFC is testing the limits with their newest twist on their Hot and Crispy Fried Chicken. The Garlic Butter Fried Chicken (P99/ala carte, P109/combo, P120/combo with soup) was ...

KFC's New Sundae Is Drizzled With Brown Sugar Syrup!

It's only P39!
We first fell in love with brown sugar syrup or arnibal when we first encountered taho. Now that it’s become the latest food trend and there are more ways to appreciate this sweet syrup. If you're over the brown sugar in milk tea trend, why not ...
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