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Kinilaw na Tuna Recipe - Paano Lutuin At Mga Sangkap

Dati pang gustong gumawa ng kinilaw? Subukan ang recipe na ito.
Ang kinilaw ay isang putahe na umaasa sa asido sa sarsa para lutuin ang isda o seafood. Ito ay kadalasang ginagawang pulutan o appetizer na kinakain habang inuman pero pwede ring ihain bilang main dish. ...

What You Need For The Perfect Kinilaw

The freshest, tastiest way to enjoy fish!
Filipinos have always been a fan of kinilaw. Kilaw was first written about  by a Franciscan friar in the 1500s when he’d stumbled on the locals enjoying the delicacy. Kilaw however has been proven to have been on our shores since 10 to ...

WATCH: How to Make Sinuglaw

Grilled liempo + tuna kinilaw = super good!
Grilled liempo has to be one of the most delicious and irresistible meats you will ever eat. It's a simple enough recipe to make and grilling it boosts the overall appetizing qualities of the popular pork cut: it's soft, tender, juicy, and ...

WATCH: How To Make Kinilaw Na Tuna

This is our version of the ceviche and it's an incredibly tasty and refreshing dish.
Kinilaw, our version of the ceviche, should make use of the freshest fish you can find. In kinilaw, or kilawin as it's also known, there's no heat involved in this "cooked" fish dish. What does happen is that the raw tuna chunks are tossed in ...

Tuna Kilawin Recipe

This recipe is also considered bar chow besides being a popular appetizer.
Kilawin is a raw seafood or meat dish made with vinegar, calamansi, or a combination of both. Similar to ceviche, kilawin is made with the freshest seafood or meat available. This recipe is also considered bar chow besides being a popular appetizer. ...
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