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How To Instantly Make Your Kimchi Rice Better

One ingredient can make it even more irresistible.
Kimchi is a fermented food made with Chinese cabbage, dried chili powder, and salt. Sometimes, the cabbage mix also has daikon radish, ginger, garlic, leeks, and other vegetables. The cabbage is left at room temperature for just a few days to jumpstart the fermentation process before ...

How To Cook Kimchi Rice

This spicy fried rice is loaded with Korean flavor.
Kimchi rice may just be the garlic fried rice of the Koreans. Think about it: The most basic of kimchi rice also uses up the same kind of ingredients that you normally would add to fried rice.If you think of kimchi rice, you have ...

Kimchi Fried Rice Recipe

Perfect for your next K-drama night!
Kimchi fried rice is a Korean dish made with kimchi and rice. It is everyone's go-to meal whenever they are busy and have no time to go to a supermarket to buy ingredients. With this recipe, even just leftover rice and a ...

Cheesy Kimchi Rice Meets Jollibee Chickenjoy In This Drool-Worthy Food Hack

Perfect for midnight snacking!
We bet you've made countless midnight snacks this quarantine. The process of making a true midnight meal often looks like this: You're craving something greasy and filling, but don't want to go through the trouble of making a whole meal from scratch. ...

Kimchi Rice Recipe

Use kimchi to make your fried rice super flavorful!
Kimchi can be made to be more than just a side dish! You might already be adding it to ramen but try adding it to your fried rice too to make a delicious kimchi fried rice to serve with some Korean bulgogi for a truly ...

All The Ways You Can Make Kimchi Rice

The fermented spicy cabbage is a delicious fried rice ingredient.
The kimchi might be your first introduction to Korean condiments. This fermented cabbage and chili powder concoction is one of the most popular Korean condiments There are many vegetables that you can make into kimchi, including kimchi made of cucumbers, red radishes, daikon or ...

Beef Short Ribs with Kimchi Rice

Our favorite Pinoy silog gets infused with bold Korean flavors.
Our favorite Pinoy silog gets infused with bold Korean flavors. ...

Bulgogi and Kimchi Rice Topping Recipe

This Korean-inspired dish features kimchi rice as the base and a choice of beef or pork for the topping.
Rice bowls are always a hit! This Korean-inspired dish features kimchi rice as the base and a choice of beef or pork for the topping. You can also use chicken fillets or ground meat. ...
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