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All The Different Kinds Of Pancit You Can Find In Cavite

How many of these have you tried?
Have you ever wondered why there are so many different kinds of pancit? This handaan, merienda, or even daily staple, finds its roots long before Spanish colonizers came. Instead, the iconic noodle dish began with the Chinese when they settled and traded ...

All the Pancit Recipes You Need to Know About

These are the best-tasting noodles.
Pancit is a traditional party fare, as well as a lucky dish according to the Chinese. While it's common to serve this at gatherings, there are recipes that are easy and simple enough to master. Not only that, ingredients are common enough to cook for everyday meals. Whether you're looking to make ...'s Guide to Filipino Pancit

Know more about your fave noodle dish.
Pancit is an all-time favorite go-to comfort food for many Pinoys and is part of most Filipino celebrations.A term coined from the Hokkien "pian e sit", which could be translated as something that can be cooked quickly and easily, the pancit is ...
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