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Use This Ingredient As A Substitute For Pineapples In Sweet and Sour Recipes

You can ditch the fresh pineapple for this instead.
The sweet and sour flavor is one that isn't as popular as the other flavor combos. Not many recipes call for this combination but there is one recipe that does this pairing justice and it's just as super delicious: sweet and sour recipes. If ...

All The Different Filipino Vinegars + How To Use Them

Ditch your distilled white vinegar for these great finds.
Acid—it’s a taste all Filipinos are well acquainted with but also take for granted. No Filipino kitchen cupboard can exist without vinegar. Adobo is only possible through the magical properties of vinegar. Vinegar, because of its acidity, livens up the flavor, disrupts cloying ...

Worth the Splurge: Balsamic Vinegar

If you love Italian food, we say it's worth to have this vinegar in your kitchen.
You’ve heard of balsamic vinegar but you might have changed your mind about buying it when you saw the price tag. After all, you can always use regular vinegar! But that's what you think. There are some recipes where the full-bodied smokey flavor of balsamic ...

Kitchen Newbie's Guide to Vinegar

Cane, palm, sinamak, and moreā€”get schooled on the different kinds in the supermarket.
Used as a marinade, a condiment, or a cooking agent, vinegar is an integral ingredient in Filipino cuisine. Here’s a closer look at the different varieties available on supermarket shelves.Sukang maasim or cane vinegar is produced by fermenting sugarcane syrup. The sugarcane’s ...
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