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WATCH: How To Make Kinilaw Na Tuna

This is our version of the ceviche and it's an incredibly tasty and refreshing dish.
Kinilaw, our version of the ceviche, should make use of the freshest fish you can find. In kinilaw, or kilawin as it's also known, there's no heat involved in this "cooked" fish dish. What does happen is that the raw tuna chunks are tossed in ...

Kinilaw na Tuna Recipe

Always wanted to make kinilaw? Try this recipe.
Kinilaw is a dish that is basically raw relying on the acid in the dressing to slightly ‘cook’ the fish or seafood. It is usually a pulutan or appetizer taken with drinks but can also be served as a main dish. ...

Kinilaw na Tuna

Kinilaw is the perfect dish for the summer months. Here’s a classic recipe you can serve as an appetizer or a side dish.
Can't think of what to make for your next family cookout? Kinilaw is the perfect dish for the summer months! This raw seafood dish is delicious as an appetizer or a side dish. You could also use it as a filling for ...

How to Make Kinilaw na Tuna

Prepare this no-cook pulutan in your next party.
The perfect time to eat kinilaw is when the seafood, meat, or vegetables reach that stage between being raw and being fully cooked by the acid. With fish, it is marked by a slightly opaque color yet is soft to touch.RELATED recipe:  ...
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