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How Often Should You Clean Your Microwave?

Do clean your oven often?
A microwave is a super fast-acting appliance that can boil water, reheat food, and basically thaw frozen food in seconds and minutes instead of hours. It can even cook food if you know how to tweak the recipe, handle the food, and adjust settings, so it can ...

The Difference Between Cleaning And Sanitizing Your Kitchen

Do you know when to clean and when to sanitize?
Even the most spotless home kitchens may not be as clean as it should be. That's because while you may be cleaning your kitchen regularly and maintain that cleanliness on a daily basis, you should also be taking your cleaning methods one step further. This extra ...

How To Clean Your Kitchen For The New Year

The kitchen needs a thorough cleaning, too.
The kitchen may be one of the most used rooms in any home. That's because everyone needs to eat and one way or another, you'll find someone in the kitchen dirtying a plate, a pan, and maybe even the oven, too, to make themselves ...

Avoid This When Cleaning Your Stainless Steel Appliances

Prevent streaks and rust and have it looking like new again!
The refrigerator door, especially its handle, is probably the most commonly used appliance in your kitchen. It should be one of the most commonly cleaned things in your kitchen. You should be cleaning not just the handle itself but the entire length ...

Here's How You Can Clean That Stained Pot Better

This 2-ingredient cleaning solution should get it right out!
Burnt-on stains on your cookware are not just ugly. It can impart its charred flavor into the next batch of food you cook! It can happen to anyone but cleaning it can be the biggest hassle you may encounter when its your beloved cookware. ...

Are You Forgetting To Clean These Kitchen Surfaces?

This is one surface you might miss.
It's more important now, more than ever, to clean your kitchen as well as the rest of your house. In the time of the coronavirus, washing our hands is just one part of keeping ourselves safe from the contagious virus. Face masks ...

Do This Regularly To Make The Best Tasting Coffee

Fyi, you need to clean your coffee maker.
They say that a great cup of coffee begins with the coffee beans. The Philippines boasts of a great coffee culture and the local coffee scene is very much alive and thriving. Great coffee beans can be the start of a great ...

These Are The Kitchen Items That You Need To Clean Right Now

Everything you touch right now needs to be cleaned properly.
Everyone has become more conscious of their surroundings and their general cleanliness. The outbreak of the COVID-19 has gripped the country and the world in a state of paranoia. Everyone is trying to stay safe as much as possible. Staying home is one of the ...
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