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These Are The Appliances Cooks And Bakers Can't Live Without

Can you guess which appliances they use a lot?
Cooks and bakers whose job revolves around food are the best people to ask when it comes to kitchen appliances. They work with these machines on a daily basis and it's for more than just preparing their daily meals. What are the kitchen appliances ...

Do You Clean Your Can Opener? Here's How To Do It

Yes, can openers need to be washed, too!
Do you clean your can opener after every use? If you do, that's great! Can openers are super useful kitchen tools that it's often neglected. It needs to be washed! Opening cans with a can opener that still has leftover food on it can cause it ...

This Is The Kitchen Prepping Gadget You Need If You Hate Chopping Veggies

Let this handy gadget do all that chopping for you.
The most tedious of all tasks in the kitchen is the prep work. All the things you need to do before you start cooking sometimes requires more work than the actual cooking! This includes using the chopping board to peel, slice, chop, dice, mince, ...

Everything You Need To Know About Using An Electric Mixer

This small kitchen appliance can do wonders for your baking.
Baking is all about precision. We always say that there is a science to baking. There are just some ingredients you just can't do without and at a certain amount every time, so the resulting batter or dough is a success. Baking isn't just about the ...

This Tool Will Do All The Slicing For You, Perfectly

This small kitchen gadget will make itself useful and indispensable.
Are you tired of slicing manually with a knife? Then you need to know about this handy tool because once you learn to use this, you'll realize just how convenient it is to have this nifty tool in the kitchen.  Called a mandoline, this tool is really ...

This Kitchen Tool Can Change The Way You Cook Your Beef Caldereta

It can also tenderize the toughest meats!
If you've never heard of or are afraid to use a pressure cooker, you don't need to be. The pressure cooker was once a feared and misunderstood kitchen appliance, but it is no longer that, all thanks to modern technology.Many have told their successful pressure ...

This Is The Trick To Making Extra Smooth And Creamy Mashed Potatoes

This is the cooking tip you need to know.
Mashed potatoes should be an easy dish to make at home. After all, it's just boiled potatoes that have been mashed and then mixed with butter, milk, and salt and pepper. However, you'd be amazed how many people do something wrong and end up with ...

These Are The Kitchen Items You Need To Replace Every Year

See which kitchen items you should toss out, stat!
It may be hard to let go, but it’s a new year (Hello, new kitchen items!). You don't need to fret: not everything in the kitchen needs to be replaced. Take a look through your cooking space and check if you have any of ...

This Smart Kitchenware Helps You Track Your Food's Expiration Dates

Plan your meals better and avoid wasting food with this nifty gadget.
There’s no denying that we love food and we are willing to spend what we can for it. That’s why it’s heartbreaking to suddenly realize what could have been tonight’s dinner has, unfortunately, gone bad. It’s a daunting task, but how does ...

Can't Decide Whether You Want Pancakes or Waffles? This Cooking Pan Lets You Have Both

You’ll want this nifty kitchen gadget in your kitchen.
Pancakes or waffles? On some days, we know it’s tough to decide. Meet the Panwaffle Maker. It's a cooking tool with a two-piece skillet that lets you cook a pancake with a crisp waffle in the center, according to How to use ...

7 Cute Baking Pans You Can Find Under P1,000

You'll want to dust off the mixer and bring out your spatulas for these baking pans.
Make your baked treats extra cute with these fun finds under P1,000: 1 Star Mini Cakes Baking Pan Your fave little cowboy will be ecstatic to find out his birthday cupcakes are in the form of stars, just like the star his favorite hero ...

Grilling for a Crowd? A Grill Cooker Makes It Easy

Weekend barbecues and family parties just got easier.
Making pork barbecue and serving grilled chops—we get it, it’s not as fuss-free as we’d like it to be. A good solution (and investment!) is getting a grill cooker to help out with kitchen duties.A grill cooker helps you cook meat as ...
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