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This is The Bread Storing Hack You Need To See!

Broken lock? No problem! Do this instead.
We have all been there: you grab a slice of bread from the bag only to realize that the lock that came with it broke. How do you seal the bag of bread so it stays as fresh as possible?  You can do ...

This Is The Best + Easiest Way To Prevent Tears While Cutting Onions

Tests show this is the best way to prevent tears.
We have all shred tears when we sliced our first onion. There is really just no preventing the tears! It's the onion's defense mechanism in a sense. The onion, when its flesh is punctured or cut, releases a stimulant that can cause our tear ducts ...

Need Breadcrumbs? Here's How To Make It And Store It

You don't need to buy it.
Have you been baking more often lately? Is making pandesal one of your quarantine baking projects?One of the important ingredients of pandesal is breadcrumbs. This isn't so much as an ingredient that is needed to make the bread but it is an ingredient that makes the ...

How To Tell If Your Container Is Microwave Safe

This kitchen trick should ensure you use your containers right.
Do you often use a mug filled with water and place it in the microwave so you can heat it up quickly? Have you reheated a plastic food storage container with leftover kaldereta or a plate of food your mom left out for you for your dinner in ...

7 Space-Saving Items You Can Buy From Lazada

There are nooks and crannies in your kitchen you can still use.
If you love cooking but continuously find yourself grappling with space, know that you're not alone. The struggle is real. That's why there are items you can buy to maximize space in your tiny kitchen. You'll be surprised at how much space ...

Yes, You Can "Bake" A Cookie In A Frying Pan

This kitchen hack to baking will have you making cookie dough right now.
Do you have a small kitchen and refuse to get an oven because you just don't have space for it? Perhaps you do have space but find that it's not worth it to have one? That's okay. It's a fact that many of us ...

This Cookbook Has 100+ Kitchen Hacks That Will Make Life Easier!

How efficient are you inside the kitchen?
Whether you're an experienced cook or a newbie on the kitchen, this is one cookbook you shouldpick up. Chef Sarthou, Umagang Kay Ganda’s resident chef, released a new book called Dishkarte Sa Kusina which will teach you to become a better cook in ...

Your Morning Needs This No-Knead Crusty Bread Recipe

This is the only bread recipe that requires no kneading.
We love bread— from pandesal to Spanish bread— no Filipino breakfast is without bread. And while we aspire to make bread at home, the work and effort that it takes to make homemade bread is just too much for one to tackle every day.But ...

5 Ways To Add More Space in Your Refrigerator

No fancy organizers or gadgets needed here
Our refrigerators come in handy for keeping food fresh, but it seems that there is never enough space to store our produce and leftovers in it. Believe it or not, you don't need to buy a two-door unit to extend your storage—sometimes, ...

Did You Know That You Can Make Other Things in a Coffeemaker?

Yes, you can make more than just plain coffee in that machine. We tested them for you!
Condo and apartment dwellers know how a small kitchen can limit their abilities in the kitchen. But if there’s one thing that coffee lovers will invest in is a coffeemaker, and if you're one of them, you can certainly do more than ...

Jam is the Secret to Making the Best Savory Sauces

Use the jam’s sweetness to give sauces more flavor.
It isn’t too unusual to find berries and other fruit in savory dishes. In fact, a dash of berry goodness helps give classic rich sauces a bit of sweet finesse. If you’ve made a rich stew with a deeply savory sauce or ...

Cooking Hack: Did You Know You Can Use Bacon Fat for Frying?

You can cook with saved rendered bacon fat!
Delicious fact: Cooking crunchy, salty strips of bacon always leaves you with a sizeable amount of rendered bacon fat. Here's a cooking hack to save you from throwing away a perfectly precious ingredient—bottle up your bacon grease and use it for frying. Remember ...
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