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All These Pots And Pans Are Priced Under P1,000 At The 9.9 Sale

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Are you always anticipating the monthly sales of online shops, like the upcoming 9.9 sale? These monthly sales are a goldmine for great discounts on different items, not to mention most offer free shipping. If you’re on the lookout for pots and ...

These Are The Best Nonstick Pans To Buy Under P1,000

These are the affordable choices!
It doesn't matter how expensive or inexpensive your nonstick cookware are. The plain honest truth is that the nonstick coating, no matter how thick and ingrained in the metal it is will peel off eventually. The question is really how long will it take ...

Get Two Sets Of This 10-Piece Cookware Set For The Price Of One

This is not a bad deal.
We’re all using our pots and pans more frequently while we’re all at home. If your kitchen pans need replacing, S&R Membership Shopping has a buy-one, take-one promo on Made To Cook Essentials 10-piece Stainless Steel Cookware Set.This set has a 3.8 liter covered dutch oven, ...

Yes, You Can Score Tefal Cookware Sets With A 40% Discount

New Year, new kitchenware!
As we're entering a new decade (let that sink in!), maybe it's about time to replace your old kitchenware for shining, shimmering, splendid pots and pans. Buying kitchenware is certainly an investment, but thanks to promos, you don't have to spend a chunk of ...

These Pink Pots and Pans Will Make You Want to Cook Every Day

What better way to be inspired to cook meals at home?
Novice home cooks and bakers often make their first Le Creuset purchase a milestone in their kitchen careers: while their signature enamel-coated cast iron Dutch ovens are pricey, they will last you a lifetime.Le Creuset’s newest color release can make that purchase ...

These Cooking Pans Will Let You Know When It's Ready For Cooking

It has a heat indicator which turns bright red when it’s ready!
Ever fried or sautéed something and the pan wasn’t hot enough? These new pans will take the guesswork out of cooking: Tefal recently launched its newest Titanium Cookware range, all with a redesigned heat indicator on the pan which turns a solid red when ...
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