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This 7-Piece Kitchen Tool Set Comes In The Prettiest Pastel Hues!

Are you on team mint or team pink?
What are the kitchen items you’ve purchased since the quarantine started? Were you able to score an air fryer or multipurpose kitchen appliances, gorgeous plates to add to your dining setup? If you want to take your kitchen makeover to the next ...

These Rainbow-Colored Kitchen Utensils Can Make Cooking And Baking More Exciting

You only pay 98 pesos for each tool!
Baking takes hard work, but one thing's for sure, though: Pretty and colorful tools can get you revved up. Harper and Harlow's 10-piece Rainbow Silicone Kitchen Utensil Set will bring you so much joy that you'll be super busy in the kitchen once you ...

This Is The Everyday Kitchen Utensil You Should Be Replacing Regularly

You use this every day, but it does need to be replaced.
Look through your kitchen gadgets drawer or tool holder, and you'll see that the most commonly used items you have are the ones that are the most need of replacing or sharpening.However, we think there is a kitchen tool that you probably use on ...

11 Kitchen Items You Shouldn't Miss At The Lazada 11:11 Sale!

Add these items to your cart, ASAP!
You've probably marked your calendars and set your alarm for all the online sales happening this weekend. The best gameplan? Search for items you need, add to your cart, and when the clock strikes 12 midnight, all you have to do is check ...
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