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WATCH: 10 Pink Appliances To Spruce Up Your Kitchen

We want them all!
Looking to add more color to your kitchen? We round up 10 handy kitchen appliances decked out in various shades of pink that you can shop in Manila right now!We found a variety of appliances like a blender, a mixer, a toaster, ...

How Much Do KitchenAid Products Actually Cost?

It really is an investment.
If you spent the majority of the last three months finding your inner chef, then you've probably added a few kitchen appliances to your growing wish list. Air fryers, induction cookers, electric mixers—these are some of the tools we hope to see ...

These Handy Cordless Gadgets Will Make Your Kitchen Fuss-Free

No more tangled wires and accidental unplugging!
It's no secret that cooking in the kitchen can get pretty taxing, so it pays to have appliances that help make the job easier. Below, we round up a few cordless appliances that will make your kitchen look more organized while also preventing ...

KitchenAid's Iconic Stand Mixers Are On Sale Right Now!

Have you always dreamt of having this stand mixer in your kitchen?
When it comes to kitchen appliances such as stand mixers, a brand that often, if not always comes to mind is KitchenAid. This brand is most famous for its timeless, sturdy stand mixers and buying one is considered a huge investment. The ...

6 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying An Expensive Stand Mixer

It depends on what kind of baker you are.
There’s no doubt about it that those fancy, expensive stand mixers ranging from P24,000 and up are gorgeous and super handy. That shiny enamel coat calls out to you each time you see it. Whether or not you should buy an expensive ...

KitchenAid Celebrates Its 100th Birthday With This Limited Edition Stand Mixer!

It's beautiful!
Do you know that the ever-reliable KitchenAid will be turning a hundred years old in 2019? Besides celebrating 100 years of making culinary history and being a trusty kitchen companion to all foodies all over the world, there’s one more reason to ...

Score Your Dream KitchenAid Mixer For As Much As 30% Off This Weekend!

Your Pinterest dream kitchen items are now within reach!
Getting your Pinterest dream kitchen is now more likely to come true because KitchenAid is having a massive midyear markdown this coming weekend! From July 14-15, 2018, KitchenAid will take 30% to 50% off the retail prices of appliances such as ice cream makers, ...

WATCH: 4 Smart Ways to Use a Stand Mixer

A stand mixer is definitely worth the investment!
Home bakers will appreciate everything a stand mixer can do for him or her—they are powerful, durable, and pretty easy on the eyes, too.Here are 4 uses for a stand mixer in the average home kitchen. You’ll find that the different attachments ...

Add to Your Wishlist? This Sleek Black Matte KitchenAid Mixer is Beautiful!

Yes, it’s already available in the Philippines.
Just when we thought we had our kitchen tool obsession list in check, here comes a sleek new toy that we'd like to add to our wishlist: the KitchenAid Artisan Mini in Matte Black. The mini mixer is part of the newly-launched KitchenAid ...

The Perfect Kitchen Tool for Young Bakers + Small Kitchens

The KitchenAid Artisan Mini is smaller but just as powerful and efficient!
You know how you used to lust over your mom’s or your lola’s sturdy Kitchenaid stand mixer? The KitchenAid Artisan Mini answers all of your gadget lust and small space problems.The new Mini is 20% smaller and is 25% lighter than the ...

Kitchenaid Items to Splurge On

Everyone needs a little bit of Kitchenaid love at home.
Kitchenaid is one of those brands that is quite literally a household name. Known for their classic designs and sturdy, reliable hardware, Kitchenaid’s appliances and cookware have stood the test of time. While their products might not be the cheapest around, Kitchenaid’s ...
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