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This Peeling Trick Makes Pomelo Easy To Peel

If you've always wondered how it's done, here's how to do it.
A pomelo, or suha, really does look like a giant grapefruit. It even tastes like one, albeit a little sweeter if you're lucky.While it's a fantastic fruit that is enjoyable to eat on its own or added to salads and other dishes, it's sheer ...

This Is How You Slice A Pineapple

The unique spiral cuts aren't just for presentation.
You've probably been mesmerized when pineapple vendors peel and prepare a pineapple in front of you. The deftness of their skilled hands in creating the spiral-like pattern on the pineapples when they're done is truly amazing. But their skill in slicing up a ...

WATCH: How to Slice a Pineapple

Love this sweet and sticky tropical fruit? Here are two ways to easily slice a pineapple.
Tropical countries are blessed with the best: juicy, sweet, and vibrant pineapples! It may seem intimidating to slice pineapples yourself, but do not be intimidated by the thick skin that surrounds them. Sharpen your knives and let our video tutorial guide you through ...

WATCH: 4 Basic Cuts for Carrots

Get your daily dose of Vitamin A by learning the right knife skills to cut your carrots properly!
Here are the necessary knife skills that you need to know for prepping carrots: we will run you through the steps on how to slice, batonnet, julienne, and brunoise. While these may sound like fancy French words to you, they are much ...

The Anatomy of a Knife

Here is everything you need to know about your best friend in the kitchen: your chef's knife.
A chef’s knife is the backbone of your kitchen and the tool that every home cook must have in his or her repertoire. Intimidated by thick, sharp edges of a knife? Here’s everything you need to know about it, plus tips on ...

How to Peel, Slice, and Chop Garlic

Learn the best hacks and tips to prepping an essential base ingredient: garlic!
Garlic is a pantry staple that is used as a base aromatic for many dishes. Here's a guide on how to prep it from peeling, to slicing, to chopping! We have a hack for peeling garlic in large batches, and a simple ...

WATCH: How to Peel, Slice, and Chop an Onion

Walk through the basic knife skills with us: here's how to peel, chop, and slice an onion.
An onion is a necessary base ingredient for many dishes, and prep knowledge is a must in home cooking. Remember, use this little trick on how to peel, slice, and chop an onion without crying:How to peel an onion:1  Chop off the ...

WATCH: How to Sharpen and Maintain a Knife

You chef’s knife needs plenty of TLC. Learn how to sharpen it right!
 Watch how to hone and sharpen your knife: it needs both to be properly maintained, and taking these extra steps give the knife the respect that it deserves. A dull knife doesn’t only make your work more difficult for you, it is also ...

WATCH: How to Hold a Knife Properly

Choose which knife grip is most comfortable for you.
There are four basic knife grips that you can choose from. Try all, and then stick with the one that you are most comfortable with. If there is one grip that doesn’t make your arm too tired, that is most likely the best ...

The Guide to Knives

It’s all about keeping sharp.
They say that a cook is only as good as their knife and, while we aren’t ones to judge, we really do think that every good cook should have a decent set of kitchen knives to call their own.If the idea of ...

How to Debone a Chicken

Learn how to debone a chicken in 6 simple steps.
. Does your fave recipe call for a deboned chicken? Learn how to do it on your own with our 6-step guide. Check out these chicken recipes: Chicken GalantinaChicken Breast RellenoChicken BinakolChicken Tikka MasalaClick link to see our full list of poultry recipes.Photography ...

How to Make Boneless Smoked Milkfish

Want to make and enjoy tinapang bangus at home? Follow this guide.
Smoking milkfish extends its shelf life. Learn this skill and you don't have to buy expensive boneless bangus anymore. Click on the slideshow to learn how. Need recipe ideas for smoked bangus? Click here: smoked fish recipes Photography by Miguel Nacianceno | Demonstration: ...
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