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Hate Using A Knife? Use This Instead To Finely "Chop" Vegetables

No knife skills needed!
Not everyone is skilled with a knife. While many of us handle the usual kitchen tasks using a knife with some dexterity, not all of us like the tedious nature of chopping up ingredients. That's why there are many products out on the market that ...

Here's Why You Need A Bread Knife In Your Kitchen!

You can do so much more than slice bread with this special knife + tips on how to choose a good one.
There's a healthy debate about how many knives you really need in the kitchen. For the new kitchen cook, choosing what knives you need in a beginner kitchen can be daunting. There really are many different knives, made for different purposes, and made of different materials. We ...

WATCH: Guide to Kitchen Knives

Know the basics when it comes to kitchen knives!
Kitchen knives are one of the most essential tools used in food prep. Watch this video about how each knife is designed for a specific task.1 Chef’s KnifeThis knife can accomplish most kitchen tasks from slicing to filleting with great efficiency. 2 Bread KnifeUsed ...

Know the Difference Between a Chef's Knife and a Butcher's Knife

Which kind of knife should home cooks own?
A knife is a home cook’s best friend. When it comes to choosing one for personal use at home, always make the best investment possible—a knife can last a few years. But with so many options and different kinds available, which one ...

4 Common Mistakes When Handling Knives

Be sharp when handling them!
You don't need to be a chef to handle knives properly. Here are a few common mistakes to avoid when using this tool in the kitchen: 1 Catching a falling knife.Never ever catch a falling knife. You can easily hurt yourself trying to ...

WATCH: 4 Basic Knives That Every Home Cook Should Own

Make sure you have these basics at home!
Every kitchen needs its essentials for proper prep work. These 4 basic knives are what every home cook should have in his or her kitchen to cover all the basics: chopping, slicing, peeling, and deboning.  1  Chef's knifeIf there is one knife that ...

The Guide to Knives

It’s all about keeping sharp.
They say that a cook is only as good as their knife and, while we aren’t ones to judge, we really do think that every good cook should have a decent set of kitchen knives to call their own.If the idea of ...

Tip of the Week: How to Store Knives and Keep Them Sharp

Make your knives become more safe and efficient tools.
.Knives are definitely one of the most indispensable tools in the kitchen. Keeping them sharp means being able to do safer and more efficient kitchen work.  To maintain their sharpness, store them properly on a wall-mounted magnetic strip or in a knife ...
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