Meet Korea's Famous Rabokki: A Combination Of Ramen + Tteokbokki!

We know where you can get it in the Philippines.
One of the famous street food you should definitely try if you’re in Korea is the tteokbokki, a stir-fried rice cake combined with Korean soup stock or dashi stock, and gochujang, which is a common chili paste in Korea.If you like tteokbokki ...

This Is Not A Drill: A Starbucks x BTS Collection Exists!

It's only available in South Korea, though.
ARMY, by now we won't even question your dedication to buying anything and everything even remotely related to your fave K-Pop boy band members. You probably already own these BTS-themed mini-dolls, Uno cards, and sneakers, but we recently spotted something you'll want to add to your ever-growing arsenal: Starbucks ...

Korea's Famous "No Brand" Grocery to Open in Manila This Month!

Shop snacks, beauty products, household essentials, and more!
We know you've probably got Christmas shopping, personal wish lists, and your next big vacation on your mind, but remember: Before you splurge on anythine extra, you've got to pay for your necessities first. With bills, transportation, and household essentials, the strain ...

You Can Now Find Cheesy Korean Tteokbokki In Supermarkets!

We seriously want to hoard it!
The invasion of Korean pop culture gifted us kilig-worthy dramas, dainty street fashion, and our favorite: Korean food. One of the more famous Korean dishes that you can find from South Korea’s busy streets to our own Korean restaurants is tteokbokki. This ...

Grab These Ingredients And Make These Korean Recipes

Special ingredients from other countries are no longer that hard to find.
Our obsession with anything Korean hasn't wavered yet! The K-pop phenomenon has only gotten more and more popular and it doesn't look like it will be waning any time soon. If you love everything Korean, including their flavorful and delicious food, then you must be wondering ...

WATCH: You Can Make This Korean Beef Stew

It's sweet, savory, and perfect with rice. Plus, this version has bulalo!
The Korean invasion is still going as strong as ever! Korean chicken wings are still as popular as ever with its intense crunch, but there's more to that country than just chicken wings. Korea has a beef stew that is unlike any other beef stew, and ...

A Guide To The Delicious Side Dishes At Korean Barbecue Restos

Have you tried them all?
When you’re dining in a Korean Barbecue restaurant, you will encounter the servers placing numerous small bowls right in front of you—more often than not, even before the main course arrives. These small bowls are not to be confused for appetizers, these ...

All The Tips You Should Know When Eating Korean Barbecue

Eat Korean barbecue like a local!
The whole experience of dining at a Korean barbecue restaurant has its own charm. You pick your own marinated or non-marinated slices of beef, pork, or chicken. While you’re waiting for the built-in grills to heat up, you can sneak in a bite ...
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