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Korean-Style Honey Butter Chicken Recipe

This fried chicken is sweet and buttery. Delicious!
This twice-cooked fried chicken is a Korean-style fried chicken that's not tossed in the usual soy-garlic sauce. This is tossed instead in a sweet, buttery sauce with just a hint of garlic. The sunflower nuts, or the edible nuts found inside sunflower ...

This Secret Ingredient Makes Korean Fried Chicken Extra Tasty

Add this to your sauce for extra tasty Korean fried chicken.
Korean fried chicken, also known as the double-fried chicken, is a dish that celebrates super crispness with an addictive sticky sauce. It has so many things going for it!First, it's fried chicken, and if you love fried chicken, you know it's always a fantastic meal no ...

WATCH: All The Tips You Need To Make Crunchy Korean Fried Chicken

Always cook it twice!
What makes Korea's fried chicken different and technically unique from the American-style fried chicken? Both are arguably super delicious and both have super crispy outer coatings but while the flavors of the resulting fried chicken dishes range as widely as its opposing locations, from east to ...

COOKING WITH NEWBIES: How To Make Korean Fried Chicken Wings

She loves chicken wings, so she can now make it anytime she wants.
Cooking newbie Lou Ferrer, a coordinator, is not that new to cooking. She has cooked before and while she has some experience, she doesn't spend a lot of time in the kitchen. This is perfect because unlike some newbies, she already has an ...

Here Are All The Delicious Sauces You Can Use For Korean Fried Chicken

Binge watch your favorite K-dramas while eating these saucy chicken wings.
The Korean fried chicken recipe is probably one of the next best things to come out of Korea. These delicious fried chicken pieces are incredibly crisp and usually doused in a sweet, garlicky glaze that's unlike any other fried chicken recipe we have ...

Korean Fried Chicken Recipe

You won't get enough of this flavorful fried chicken!
The next time you crave for sticky, tasty fried chicken, you don’t need to head out to a fast-food joint. Try this Korean fried chicken recipe: you can easily make this popular favorite right in your own kitchen. ...

Korean Fried Chicken Recipe

We made the fast-food favorite, sweet Korean fried chicken, even better!
We made the fast-food favorite, sweet Korean fried chicken, even better! Complete the meal with a bowl of kimchi fried rice. ...
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