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This Ube Japanese Cheesecake Is Back For A Limited Time Only

Ube and cheese fans should definitely try this.
Ube and cheese pandesal, ube and cheese bibingka, ube Basque burnt cheesecake—the list of ube and cheese dessert goes on and we’re definitely here for it. If you’re looking for another dessert with this sweet-meets-earthy-meets-salty flavor combo, Kumori’s Ube Hanjuku is back on the ...

Kumori's New Cheese Cups Highlights Cookies & Cream And Coffee Flavors

Have a sweet tooth? You should try these!
Kumori’s Fuwari Cheese Cups are already delicious as it is. It’s soft, like biting into a cloud with a rich, dense flavor. But if you want more sweetness in your life or if you’re not into plain cheese flavors at all, Kumori’s ...

These Pumpkin Buns Are The Only Treats You'll Need This Halloween!

Halloween is never complete without the tricks, but most especially the sweets!
If Halloween is your fave holiday, be prepared to bring out your scary costumes and brace yourself for the sugar rush from all the treats you are bound to receive all month long.Kumori, a Japanese bakery known for its fluffy bread and pastries, released new pastries for the ...
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