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You Can Get Baguio's Famous Caramel Black Kutsinta At This Online Grocery

You can get it delivered to Manila!
Tita Lea's black kutsinta are popular for a reason: they are chewy molasses-flavored kutsinta paired with a caramel sauce and toasted coconut. The business began in 2014 when Lea Paez moved to Baguio City from Malabon. She now serves and sells Malabon ...

This OFW Pinay Shares Her Easy Ube Kutsinta Recipe + Tips To Make The Perfect, Silky Batch

You can top it with grated cheese, too!
Diana Jacolbe-Jorgensen is an OFW currently living in Sweden who likes to cook Filipino homecooked meals on a daily basis. Her Instagram feed, @luto_ni_diana, showcases her mouthwatering, homey plated meals.Like most cooks, she first learned how to cook all by herself. Her passion for cooking eventually led ...

Places That Deliver Kakanin in Metro Manila

Here's where you can order puto, kutsinta, sapin-sapin, biko, and more!
Whether it's a bag of steamed puto, a sticky tray of biko, or a bilao of sapin-sapin, kakanin is deeply embedded in the culture and taste buds of every Filipino. However, with the restrictions brought about by the community quarantine still in place, ...

Kutsinta Recipe (Tagalog Version)

Ang paboritong merienda, pwede mo nang lutuin sa bahay!
Isang tradisyonal na kakaning Filipino ang Kutsinta (Cuchinta) na madalas kapareha ng kinayod na niyog. Gamit lang ang ilang sangkap, wala nang dahilan na hindi magawa ang masarap na meriendang ito sa bahay. Kung gagawa ng bite-sized version o yung sukat na ...

Here's Where You Can Find Ube Kutsinta With Pandan Dip

Add lots of toasted niyog on top, please!
Filipinos have always been, and continue to be, creative when it comes to flavor combinations. Kutsinta is a classic Filipino kakanin that can be eaten as is but it is typically topped with coconut shreds. It has come a long way, with ...

WATCH: How To Make Black Kutsinta

Flavored with molasses, these are hard to resist!
Molasses is the secret ingredient in these black kutsinta pieces. Its earthy, sweet, umami flavor gives it its distinctive color while imparting deep sweet flavors.If you love the flavor of molasses, feel free to increase the amount to as much as 1/4 cup ...

Kutsinta Recipe

This is a traditional Filipino rice cake often paired with shaved coconut.
Kutsinta (or Cuchinta) is a traditional Filipino rice cake often paired with shaved coconut. With only a handful of ingredients needed, there’s no reason not to make these yummy treats at home. To make bite-sized versions that the kids will definitely enjoy, ...

You Can Make Kutsinta With Powdered Mix + Water? We Tried These Boxed Mixes!

Plus, our takes on bibingka, sapin-sapin, and puto made from boxed mixes!
We love our kakanin, native delicacies made from rice flour, root vegetables, coconut meat, and glutinous rice, but they're not always the most accessible treats to find in the city.Boxed kakanin mixes are actually available in most groceries (find them near the ...

Must-Try: Kutsinta + Caramel Combo

This caramel black kutsinta will have you craving for kakanin!
Baguio City has it good: the Caramel Black Kutsinta from Tita Lea’s Food Specialties will renew your love for kakanin. Firm and deliciously chewy, the dark-colored kutsinta gets its subtle sweet flavor and color from molasses (as opposed to the traditional kutsinta ...

WATCH: How to Make Kutsinta (Steamed Rice Cake)

This Filipino steamed rice cake is always a fun merienda option!
Kutsinta (also called cutchinta) is one of the more familiar kinds of kakanin (steamed rice cake). Traditionally made with rice flour, lye water, brown sugar, and annatto extract (atsuete), kutsinta is usually served as merienda (snack). This orange cup-shaped Filipino steamed rice ...
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