What To Eat When You're Traveling Around The Philippines

Add these to your itinerary!
You won't run out of places to go to and explore in the Philippines, especially during the summer. Each destination has its own shade of blue sea water, beautiful sunset, charming sights, locals to meet, and food to indulge in.If you’re planning on spending ...

This Is What People Eat For Noche Buena Around The Philippines

What’s on their table spread this Christmas?
Noche Buena, which is Spanish for “night of goodness,” is the bountiful feast served during the eve of Christmas. The typical Noche Buena spread for most Filipino gatherings include the hamonado, embutido, baked macaroni, bringhe (local paella), and sometimes, lechon. But this isn't the same ...

Follow This Food Map for Awesome La Union Eats

Let this food map lead you to some of La Union's best eats!
If you make your way to the beaches up North, you will find a thriving surfing scene and easily one of the buzziest food 'hoods around—all tucked away in the cozy province of La Union. While the cheap alcohol, sun-kissed surfers, and ...
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