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This Unique Buko Pie From Laguna Has A Layer Of Leche Flan

There's a new buko pie in Laguna.
The buko pie, as good as the classic is, comes in different and unique versions that are just as delicious, too. Depending on where you are, you can find a frozen version from a museum in Tagaytay, a buko pie with yema ...

You Can Find This Cozy Bike-Themed Café in Laguna!

And it's bike-friendly, too.
Biking is becoming the go-to mode of transportation for many Filipinos—and with that, more dining establishments are coming up with ways to be more accommodating to bikers and cyclists. One must-visit bike-themed spot in Laguna does just that and whips up great ...

PSA: This Famous Bibingka Cheesecake From Laguna Is Now Available For Delivery

Plus kakanin, balaw-balaw, and more eats from the province.
Cheesecake is well-loved for its smooth and dense character, while bibingka has a special place in the hearts of Filipinos for its buttery, salty-sweet flavor. Though they might not have much in common (apart from being considered desserts), they actually meld well ...

This Minimalist Coffee Shop in Laguna Is Worth the Drive

They serve coffee for as low as P45!
There's something about having a cup of joe from a small, independent coffee shop that you know puts a lot of thought and care into their brews. If you're up for a road trip and are looking to savor good coffee, here's ...

Laguna-Style Beef Lumpia Recipe

Laguna lumpia uses sweet potatoes in its lumpia recipe.
The Laguna-style lumpia is unique among lumpiang gulay recipes since it uses no togue in its filling. These fried spring rolls contain sweet potatoes instead.  ...

Have You Tried Laguna Lumpia? This Is How They Make It Extra Delicious

In Laguna, this ingredient makes this lumpia sweeter.
There are many kinds of lumpia recipes in the Philippines.There is the meaty lumpiang Shanghai that no party is ever without, the fresh lumpiang ubod that is made of banana heart wrapped in a fresh lumpia wrapper, the lumpiang gulay or vegetable spring roll which is packed ...

These Are The Regional Pancit Dishes You Should Know About

Have you heard of the Grade 1 pancit?
Pancit is a staple dish in most Filipino celebrations–especially during birthdays as it is believed that it will give the celebrant a longer life. This delicious dish, although brought to the Philippines by the Chinese, is continuously being reinvented by Filipinos into various forms–mixing ...

From North To South: Make These Dishes If You're Missing A Taste Of Home

Cook these regional favorites so you won't get homesick.
Few dishes evoke nostalgia more than regional favorites you grew up with. The unique flavors, textures, and ingredients of a dish made from what's available in an area not only creates a dish that's local, it also creates a dish which has passed ...
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