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Still On A Sushi Bake High? Try This Sushi Bake Drizzled With Special Laksa Sauce!

It’s topped with juicy shrimp, too!
Since the sushi bake trend took off, there have been many versions that came after. There are sushi bake trays inspired by different cuisines, like the Middle Eastern shawarma and the Korean samgyeopsal and bibimbap. The latest sushi bake that we’ve spotted is infused with ...

You Can Get This Huge Serving of Laksa Good For Four People For Just P590

Perfect for the rainy weather!
The rainy season is upon us, which means a whole new class of cravings is afoot: Warm beverages like tsokolate and coffee or steaming hot meals like ramen, soup, champorado, or lugaw are probably what come to mind. If you're looking for ...

This Is How To Make An Easy Laksa Using Ingredients You Already Have

If you have these 6 ingredients, you can make laksa!
Are you dying to travel out of the country for some seriously delicious food? If you are, know you're not alone. It may be awhile before we can safely travel, but you can try to recreate your favorite dishes at home.If Malaysia or Singapore is one of those places ...

This Food Hall Gives You Delicious Reasons To Keep Coming Back

Because you can't try everything with just one visit.
These days, food halls are giving customers more reasons to eat out. Unlike generic food courts of the past, the newer food halls in Metro Manila offered more than just food. The Grid at the Powerplant Mall, which opened in July 2018, put ...

These 8 Grocery Finds From the Asian Aisle Will Add Flavor To Your Meals

These will make your dishes extra flavorful!
You don’t have to go out of your way to get these Asian flavors onto your plate. Robinson's Supermarket's Asian aisle will provide you with a variety of flavorful supermarket finds that can transform your meats, fried rice, stir-fry dishes, sandwiches, and more. ...

Speedy Seafood Laksa

Warm up with our ready-in-a-snap version of this fiery but irresistible Asian noodle soup.
Warm up in rainy weather with our ready-in-a-snap version of this fiery but irresistible Asian noodle soup. This rich in flavor seafood laksa recipe can be prepared in four simple steps! Serve this soup dish on your dinner table today! ...
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