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This Spicy Kewpie Is Only Available At This Supermarket

You can only find it in four supermarket branches.
Kewpie is a popular brand of Japanese mayonnaise that’s a great item to have if you love its distinct taste. It’s great to use as a dip for fried chicken, topping for sushi, and it’s a crucial ingredient for Japanese egg sandwiches (tamago ...

UPDATED LIST: These Are The New Operating Hours Of Groceries In Metro Manila

You can shop as early as 8 a.m.!
UPDATED as of 16 April 2020: At a press conference on March 16, Cabinet Secretary Karlo Nograles said that under the enhanced community quarantine, groceries, food preparation and food delivery services, and other establishments providing basic services shall remain open. At a press conference on March 14, ...

"Good Samaritan in Landmark" Story Inspires Amid COVID-19 Scare

When most people had an urge to hoard, this lady gave what she can.
Panic set in, and a lot of people made a dash to the supermarket.The lines were long, and most carts were filled to the brim.But a young lady showed compassion, and added grocery items to a stranger's basket.Facebook user Lane Blackwater witnessed this random ...

'90s Kids, Pritos Ring Is Available At This Supermarket!

Who else wears this chips as a ring before eating it?
There's a different kind of heartache when you can no longer find the snacks you grew up with. Even though there is a wider selection of snacks now, our childhood favorite snacks will always have a special place in our heart. Thankfully, ...

Titas of Alabang, Rejoice! Landmark Supermarket Is Finally Open

Here is a look inside the newly-opened Landmark Supermarket in Alabang.
Landmark Supermarket is known for its diverse selection in…everything. Every aisle you walk through is complete and in excellent quality—from the produce down to the dairy. It’s no wonder that food lovers from the South have been excited for months!Late last week, ...
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