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You Love Dunkin' Coffee, But Do You Know They Have Other Coffee Options, Too?

These are available at two of Dunkin's drive-thru branches.
Dunkin's Brewed Coffee and Iced Coffee are popular among coffee drinkers who are looking for a good brew that won't break the bank but did you know there are more coffee options on Dunkin's menu? Just in case you didn't know, Dunkin' also ...

These Bottled Coffee Drinks Feature Every Member Of BTS

Choose your bias!
When you are a K-Pop fangirl, there are a ton of ways you can show your love and support for your favorite groups or artists. Among those are buying merch, streaming their songs and movies, and attending their shows. But some people ...

Pair Your Fave Ube Dessert With This Refreshing, Milky Ube Beverage!

This is available for delivery.
For any ube fan, this is obvious: ube desserts should be paired with an ube drink, because there's no such thing as "too much ube." If you’re looking for a delicious and refreshing ube beverage, Brown Cafe has what you’re looking for ...

These Refreshing Lattes Taste Like Choc Nut and Nutella!

Best serve chilled.
If coffee is a crucial part of your day and your usual go-to is the kind that's sweet and milky, Overdoughs has two new lattes that taste like dessert. Check out Overdoughs' Choc Nut Coffee Latte and the Nutella Latte.Overdough’s Choc Nut Coffee ...

How To Easily Froth Milk For Your Latte

You don't need a fancy machine to get your milk frothy.
You don't need a fancy machine to make that frothy milk that tops your coffee. If you love lattes, cappuccinos, or any other beverage that has that signature milky foam floating on top of your mug, you know that that milk has been steamed ...

It's True, Starbucks' Pumpkin Spice Latte Is Making A Comeback!

October is PSL season!
Starting October 1, 2019, the Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte will be available in all stores. This beverage is made with Starbucks' signature espresso, milk, and highlighted by the flavors of pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove. It’s been one whole year since Starbucks Philippines first ...

You Need To Try This Butterscotch Latte At Starbucks Reserve

Do you like the taste of buttery coffee? We found your new fave.
You've probably heard of bullet coffee by now, or maybe even tried it. It's coffee with actual butter—which actually tastes good, but if you're not to keen on putting actual butter in your drink, we found the perfect cup. Starbucks Reserve has a delicious ...

These Are The Unique Starbucks Beverages Around The World

We want to try all of these!
Starbucks is known for creating a cozy coffee shop experience anywhere you might be in the world. With thousands of Starbucks branches all over the globe (including a roastery and cafe in Milan, Italy!), it comes as no surprise that they have drinks unique ...

Starbucks Is Coming Out With New Tea + Latte Drinks

Plus, green and black tea drinks!
A new year means more adventurous food and drink choices: meet the Starbucks Philippines Teavana Tea Lattes! What exactly are tea lattes? These lattes switch up the espresso with tea. Starting January 8, Starbucks will be launching four different tea latte flavors highlighting black tea ...

These Lattes Look Too Good To Drink!

This barista in Seoul is known for these too-cute latte art.
While there are cups of coffee we drink in a rush on our way to work or school, there are cups of coffee that satisfies the eyes. C.Through Café’s barista, Kangbin Lee, is famous for pretty (and precise) latte art. He is known ...

Jumpstart Your Day with This New Hazelnut Chocolate Latte

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf just launched a new drink.
Like your daily dose of caffeine with a jolt of sweet flavors? Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf's new drink, the Hazelnut Chocolate Latte, has the bold flavor of roasted hazelnuts and is blended with rich chocolate flavors.The creamy beverage gives your morning ...

Cozy Up To This Honey Apple Chai Tea Latte

Have you tried Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf’s new drink?
Like your lattes sweet and bold-flavored? Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s new drink, Honey Apple Chai Tea Latte, should be on your must-try list. With tarty apple and saccharine honey flavors, this drink is perfect for almost-nippy weather and staying in on ...

Latte with Coffee Jelly Recipe

A thick frappuccino and smooth jelly come together in one cool concoction.
Dessert or drink? This one’s both! A thick frappuccino and smooth jelly come together in one cool concoction. ...

Chef Popit de Leon

Looking to impress a date or a VIP? Here’s an invitation guaranteed to score big points: a  specially prepared dinner at a chef’s home.
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