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How To Make A Lava Cake For One

This is just for you.
Baking recipes usually result in a nice batch of cookies, a tall and impressive cake, and cupcakes to decorate and share. Few recipes are created to be made for just one person! Recipes that only result in two servings or even just one are hard ...

These Are The Easy Cakes You Can Make That Don't Need Any Frosting

You don't need any fancy frosting to make dessert delicious.
We know that when it comes to a party, a gorgeously decorated cake is a must-have. Layered and towering cakes make an impression on everyone who sees it. But not all cakes need to be intricately frosted and towering to be a showstopper.How do you ...

WATCH: How to Make Chocolate-Espresso Lava Cake

Chocolate, coffee, and caramel flavors make for a rich and indulgent lava cake.
 Add coffee and caramel flavors to make your lava cake extra indulgent! No oven? You can bake these lava cakes in the toaster oven or turbo broiler!Chocolate-Espresso Lava CakePrep time 10 minutesCooking time 15 minutesMakes 2 (4x2-inch) or 4 (3x2-inch) ramekins1/2 cup ...

WATCH: How to Make a Molten Chocolate Lava Cake

This chocolate cake has molten chocolate in the center. Treat yourself!
The trick to making a perfect molten chocolate lava cake is timing. These molten chocolate lava cakes bake in exactly 18 minutes: a minute less and the cake will collapse, and a minute more and the chocolate inside will bake completely. You'll be ...

White Chocolate Lava Cake Recipe

This gooey cake is made with white chocolate!
This delicious take on the classic lava cake is made with white chocolate! Get creative, and pop a heaping teaspoon of peanut butter or chocolate in the middle before baking for a two-toned center. ...

Chocolate-Espresso Lava Cake Recipe

No oven? You can bake these in the toaster oven or turbo broiler!
No oven? You can bake these lava cakes in the toaster oven or turbo broiler! Make sure to check occasionally for doneness if your toaster oven doesn’t have a thermostat. ...

Delicious Dishes You Can Make with Your Turbo Broiler

Ovens need not apply.
Even with all this hubub about baking and roasting being integral to every good cook's repertoire of skills, we have to acknowledge that not everyone has access to an oven. For many, access to an oven is a luxury. Enter the turbo broiler. The ...
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